Amazingly Simple

It is amazingly simple to find an idiot in this world. There is usually one within 50 feet of you. I found this  idiot  for free on the internet.


Go on over there and see if you can figure out what is the problem with his premise.


  1. What…the…f*ck?

    Nothing made sense on that page, I couldn’t find a coherent sentence much less a coherent argument…..

    Where did you find this dude>?

    • I’m glad you aid that, Arb. My eyes hurt after reading it 😦

  2. I posted a reply that went to moderation.

  3. I’m so confused. What was all that? Was there a point?

    • the point was entertaining you with absolute religious bs… LOL

  4. The problem is this guy is a philosopher, none of those guys ever make sense, or they don’t speak the same language lay people do.

    I reject his claim that Plato was the “father of religion.” I don’t know much about Plato, but religion is as old as man, been around since the beginning of time. You have had healers and shaman who were able to “speak to the gods” and intercede on your behalf (just like priests) since man first organized into groups, ever since there was darkness so complete we can’t even imagine it, since there was disease and injury and death, man has sought to try to understand it.

    Maybe Plato studied religion, made some observations that are still accepted today. Presumably, his influence changed the way religions work. It’s always been a means to control others, although today the church is superseded by the government, and the media.

    I’d say this philosopher may be expert in his field, but I’d say he’s a bit light on his anthropology.

    Thanks for an entertaining read.

    • @AppletonA

      The problem is this guy is a philosopher,

      Gives Philosophy a bad name. Philosophers are charged with making clear arguments and propositions. None of that was evinced in the linked post.

      • OK this guy does apparently give philosophers a bad name, but I’ve never been able understand them. Sorry, I should have made it clear that this was my opinion based on a limited interaction with philosophy/ers.

        I’ll shut up now.

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