Should I Stay or Should I Go?: My Atheism Is Making Me and My Son Homeless

There is no rule in atheism about lying. There is a common feeling that we provide for ourselves as best we can. If you have to lie a bit for a month or two nobody will blame you if it keeps you housed and fed. We’ve all had to lie to get through for the same reasons. No, you should not have to and I’m not telling you that it is the best course of action. I’m saying that nobody will blame you. You’ve already walked away from them mentally… for what they do and are.

Do what is necessary to get to the next place, the next point. I wouldn’t look back either. Do what it takes to go… sometimes that means pretending. I feel for you. Survival requires dishonesty in your case it would seem. You already know you are alone. Nobody protects your child but you.

I would happily donate to a paypal account to help you get to the next place. I do not know why you are getting no positive reaction to your job search, but I know it happens. In my life I have found that this is the situation type where you have to be the angel despite what others are doing. Endure, suffer, get by… not what you deserve, but what must be done to get beyond it. I wish you much fortune. Know that there are people in the world that do not want you to suffer. Where you are now is not the only place… there are better places.

If there are other atheists and humanists who read this and do not want to donate a few dollars to help, I’d like to know why…

Black Atheists

I don’t know, man. I’m starting to believe strangers on the corner would treat me better than my “family“.


June 15, 2013 (my son just turned two on the 14th), I got into an argument with – wait, let me start from the beginning…

I’m staying with a relative long enough to get back on my feet. I made it clear to this relative that I’m not planning on staying here too much longer – seeing as I hate it here. Moving back into my childhood home; where I was neglected, abused, molested and used was the last thing I wanted to do, but it beats having me and my 2-year-old son out on the street. Trust me, if I had somewhere else to go, I would have taken that, anything would have been better than moving here.

I’m currently in school, but I’m out of work at…

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