More on bonobos

If there is anything that should make you think about the grand spectrum of human sexuality it is the animal kingdom. Here is a tidy summation of that… enjoy

Random thoughts

Recently, I did post a youtube video of our cousins having one of those moments of dispute resolution or is it ending group tension. There is this post here that presents some interesting studies of what goes on in the bonobo kingdom. 

The author has very interesting views on the human race. For example he writes

Throughout these little narratives, we enjoy looking back smugly at capitalized Nature and in particular the other primates—the chimpanzees, the gorillas, the orangutans—to marvel at the superiority of our evolutionary state and the hideous detritus we left behind on our way upward. Among the many signposts in our smooth, progressive arc away from all the fur, tails, and knuckle dragging is the ennobling shift to marriage and monogamy. We possess a higher sense of spiritual grace in our couplings, we are told, not merely because we have escaped the primal rut that defines the…

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