In Which I’m Okay With That …

There are many deluded people in the world because when they learned about life their teachers were not teaching the controversy, they were teaching religion as fact. If people had taught them that there are many ways to think about origins and religion X is just one of them, these people would more readily convert when given the facts they need to decide. It’s difficult to simply wake up one day and know that everyone you love lied to you all your life… and be okay with that. Here is a video about that problem… enjoy



And as always, please feel free to check out other videos from any vlogger I link to. KauaiTime   has some awesome stuff to say.

  1. I never thought about the stages of de-conversion as the stages of grief, but I think it works.

  2. For me in my bargaining stage. After I lost belief in inerrancy of the bible, I would try to find a version of chrisitianity that I was okay. The idea that God is love, God is nature, God is all of us, God is beauty and literature. God is everywhere….and then finally God is nowhere. I found that once losing the foundation for God (which was the bible) and other beliefs and notions of god, were just another mans opinion.

    • I’m seeing a trend now that more atheists are willing to share. The foundations for the brain to model a world where god is true have to be eroded slowly so as to avoid too much pain. Each of the rules which support the god is true model have to be changed. Changing them all at once (and there are many) requires more than the brain can handle without pain from something else pushing the effort through.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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