Chances Are ….

Chances are….

  • Any vocal atheist you meet was previously a theist
  • Any vocal atheist you meet speaks out because they feel they were cheated out of the truth for far too long
  • Three out of four theists you know can’t defend their belief any better than a 12 year old can
  • Many theists reading atheist blogs have doubts about their faith and may well be interested in the truth


I know he is best remembered for nihilistic thought, but I think ‘Fred’ is worth a second and third look. How many other situations in life show that faith means nothing? I could list a few, but perhaps it might be more fun if you, the readers, were to tell some stories of what you think illustrates that faith means nothing.

If I get enough I might do a second post using the comments from this one.




Speaking of ‘chances are’ … similar thought is at the 6:45 mark. Enjoy! If you’re not subscribed to DarkMatter2525 yet, what are you waiting for?


  1. I was reading a comment today about believing in heaven, but it suddenly ended when the author stated that he heard hoofbeats outside his window, which meant they must be zebras because he wanted them to be.

    To me, this is faith… imposing what one wishes on reality.

    I think this is what Nietzsche means; that imposing faith on reality doesn’t change it… hence the disconnect between those people and reality, which is the means by which the asylums are then populated… by the use of faith. In this sense, faith is not ‘nothing’ but the central mechanism that causes a harmful relationship between people and reality.

    It is this sense of ‘faith’ as a mechanism by which real harm is done to real people in real life that drives me to be a New Atheist. But it didn’t start with religion; it started in Durban South Africa when I was spat upon for sitting on the side of a public bench labelled for people of a different race than I apparently was. I was too young at the time to ‘know’ that the human race was socially constructed into smaller units that supposedly mattered a very great deal to those who empowered the subdivision.

    Later, as I stood looking at writing welded into the iron gate of Auschwitz (Work makes one free), I realized that the spitting and the gate were the same thing… merely different expressions of what faith-based belief imposed on reality look s like in action, a faith that caused – and continues to cause to this day, this hour, this minute – real suffering to real people in real life. And it continues because people continue to empower these constructs as if they were real independent of those who believed them.

    This empowerment of faith-based belief as if real I think must be challenged and criticized in whatever form it takes if we are to learn lessons already paid for in full by the life blood of others.

    • This is awesome, Thank you tildeb

  2. situations that actually show that faith means nothing?

    Is this a trick question, MAL? 😉

    • I don’t know. After reading tildeb’s comment, this could get quite interesting!

      • I found this on a blog the other day. Seems to fit in quite nicely:

        Fairy tales are true, not because they tell us that dragons exist;
        but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. ~ G. K. Chesterton

        • I like that… a lot!

          • Yeah, so did I.

  3. Many people just stop developing mentally at age 12, no wonder that most theists can’t defend their position better then a 12-year-old.

    • That is a profound thought and implies that religious belief harms you physically, it should be kept out of the lives of people until they are 18?

      • Yes, then people can really say that they are christian, jew, hindu or whatsoever. Nowadays, people only belief because their parents did so.

        • I wouldn’t say that all believers are that way, but it’s always been the most prominent method of gaining adherents. Teach children to absolutely avoid critical thinking so that when you tell them what to do, it will work.

    • Pervertically Virtuous
    • June 2nd, 2013

    *Chances are….
    Any vocal atheist you meet was previously a theist
    Any vocal atheist you meet speaks out because they feel they were cheated out of the truth for far too long*

    This might be true if you grew up in the US, but not in many parts of Europe or East Asia. I’,m a very vocal atheists and I grew up atheist in an atheist family in an atheist country (socialism had its perks). What I feel cheated out of growing up is the knowledge that religion is not dead not that science has taken over (which is what they taught us in school back in socialist times…)

    • It’s more true in the USA, indeed. That’s why there is the ‘chances are’ part. I know that there are many individuals who do not line up with the list, and I truly hope that the number continues to increase. Thanks for commenting.

  4. The problem with faith is that (in my opinion) it is linked to emotion, as opposed to logic. That’s why many people turn to religion when they’re at their most vulnerable. There is so much uncertainty in this world and many people need to know what’s going on, why things happen and whether everything is going to be alright in the end. Whereas people who rely on science and logic are comfortable with this uncertainty and have the ‘let’s find out’ attitude.

    By the way, I’m not an ex-theist either. I went from ‘I think maybe there’s a God’ to ‘I’m quite sure there isn’t a God’ to ‘I hope there isn’t a God’.

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