Who Said You Are Supposed To Be Happy?

I’m kind of tired of hearing this mantra. Theists use this too much and it permeates society. There is no law that you are supposed to be happy. Sure, lots of people WANT to be happy but this implies that they have all that they want. We naked hairless apes are never happy with what we have, we always want something more.

It is logical that if we actually did have all that we want we would be content.


BINGO! Happiness is contentment but there is this niggly little problem. You can be content with what you have…. did that sink in?


It IS in the palm of your hands


Yes, if you can be content with what you have you can be happy. You are not supposed to be happy, but if you can be content you can achieve this. When most people talk about happiness it is in the framework of achieving something or acquiring something. None of that makes you content for very long. I think it is much better to work on being content with what you have…. I find that happiness follows this in VERY quick succession.


What say you?

  1. Good point. I think happiness for me are the rare moments when I feel better than content. I would much rather enjoy the stability of contentment that to constantly be chasing the highs of happiness.

    • High five!

    • J_Agathokles
    • June 1st, 2013

    I agree. Too many people confuse happiness with material wealth, instead of being content with what one has. I only aim to be able to sustain myself eventually. Everything else is a bonus.

    • I have found that no matter how much or little I have, if I concentrate on contentment happiness really doesn’t matter much

  2. This is a great point that I often have gone over in therapy. For me, happiness had not come easily, yet I smile and laugh all the time. Contentment is on the rise… and loving ones self is the true place of peace which in turn brings happiness.

    • Absolutely. I can say that my journey to contentment came with being content with who I am regardless of what I will or won’t accomplish. I am a good person. From there it gets much easier.

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