What I Meant To Say Was….

I am nearly speechless with this video. I’ve laughed so hard I spit beer in my keyboard. I actually LOL’d

Please enjoy this too…. Dusty pulls off another good one



I need new expletives… there is another video. It’s like a two ring circus… enjoy



These are god’s warriors folks… aren’t you glad?

  1. It hurts to listen to the two sheeples!

  2. It hurts to listen to the two sheeples in the second video. That lady is amazing 😛

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  4. omg she is a terrible debator

  5. She is the TOP creationist debator right now?! If she’s the best they got, why are we even still having these debates?! Holy crap… SO funny!

  6. Obviously, the creationist spokeswoman in the Dawkins clip has no scientific backing.

    But my complaint here is twofold, namely, a minor complaint of you tolerating ‘Dusty’ misrepresenting her to be THE major defender of creationism (come on, there many more famous people who can lay claim to such a title, such as WL Craig or Lennox, or Plantinga, or Francis Collins, and the list goes on and on) when she’s clearly no such authority figure in the public domain, and a major complaint of him making such a blatantly misogynistic reference for her to follow the biblical injunction to ‘shut the fuck up’. This kind of gender put down is completely out of place in supporting the point being raised, one of being able to differentiate science over ignorance, of making fun of those who are confused over which is which. If one is not willing to tell a man to ‘shut the fuck up’ for their creationist beliefs and use a biblical injunction for this, then one cannot avoid being convicted of practicing misogyny when telling a woman to do so. And tolerating this kind of gender-bashing, under the mantle of listening to legitimate criticism of some unrelated belief without criticism, is very much part of the problem of elevating belief – in this case a misogynistic belief – to have some unearned position of authority in the topic under review.

    Well, it doesn’t. It’s completely out of place and deserves equivalent criticism heaped on the creationist for promoting unscientific beliefs.

    I think the gender reference detracts significantly from the point Dusty was making, that such a spokesperson for creationism is not very smart. Granted. But there are many who are. The better question in this regard would be to examine how some really smart people, including scientists – without any reference to their gender – can believe in creationism?

    By not addressing this misogynistic aspect to Dusty’s video, you fail to exercise the same kind of criticism he raises against this creationist.

    • Hey tildeb, clearly Dusty was being sarcastic for effect. The gender bashing is completely inline, on topic, and not uncalled for. This woman is trying to defend a book that does say that women should not teach and should be quiet as well as women must get their knowledge from their husbands. It is not untoward to bring this up in any discussion with a female Christian apologist.

      If the conversation was not about Christianity it would be uncalled for to invoke bible passages to infer ‘shut the fuck up’…

      Your complaining that an atheist did this, but your complaint only works if a male atheist does it. A female atheist could do it and viola, their point would somehow be valid… amirite? It’s not misogynistic if a woman tells a woman to shut the fuck up because the book she is defending says she should… or so your logic goes.

      Way to bring sexism into the conversation when it clearly is not warranted.

      • Um, Dusty introduced it not as sarcasm but as a gender-based put down. It is completely unnecessary for his point to stand and has nothing to do with criticizing the teaching of creationism. It doesn’t belong, and we can tell this because a man could say exactly the same things she does and this put down plays zero part in addressing it.

        Why are you making excuses for its use, as if such misogyny by an atheist is another welcomed tool in the box of criticism against creationism. It’s not. There are biblical injunctions against men praying in public and demonstrating their faith but you never hear this used as a put down for these guys to shut the fuck up. We only find it when it involves a woman and we can do better. Misogyny needs to be challenged by ANYONE who says they actively support secular enlightenment values. No exceptions. Ever.

        We, as NEW Atheists, need to rise to the occasion and stop going along with this kind of verbal shit as if it makes a meaningful contribution to our case when it only detracts from the principles that inform active atheism.

        By all means make fun of creationism but do so for and by good reasons that stand on their own merit to advocate necessary change to religious privilege in the public domain. But one cannot effectively criticize biblical misogyny if one practices a secular version of it. Misogynistic language is anti-secular, anti-enlightenment, anti-equality rights and anti-dignity of personhood. All of us New Atheists need to do a better job and call for an accounting on whomever stoops to use it because it stands contrary to our common (and not gender-based) values. This will help our cause but pretending it’s okay if done by atheists against the religious will only make us seem like hypocrites who say we support certain values of equality and dignity but only for men.

        • Enough of your silly arguing. The call to not pray in public is used all the time to say ‘shut the fuck up’ to Christians. I did not claim to be a new atheist, and even if I did I do NOT need you to tell me how to live my life, who or what I can criticize, or how I can criticize.

          You’re bordering on falling into the category of people that have zero tolerance for anything that is not what they ‘believe’ in. Groups of people like that are called zealots, idiots, xenophobes, and bigots.

          You don’t like what Dusty said? Fine. You want to say that you don’t like it? Fine. Try to tell me what my lack of belief in gods is supposed to mean about my behavior and I’ll tell you that you have YOUR head up YOUR ass.

          If you are fighting for a ’cause’ then that’s okay for you. Read my other posts. I strongly disagree that there is anything that qualifies as an atheist movement. My Atheist Life is about me, not you or Dawkins, or Dennet or anyone else.

          It’s quite alright for you to disagree with me or not find funny the things that I do. It is NOT alright for you to tell me what my lack of belief means… in case I didn’t make that clear.

          I’m not fighting for your cause, understand? Whatever ‘your cause’ is, it’s not my cause and I do not hold to any of your beliefs about what is ethical behavior. I keep my own set of ethical behavior beliefs.

          It would take you 20 seconds to see the clip Dusty shows is quite edited to highlight the ridiculousness of her apologetic attempts. If you don’t see it that way, fine. Just don’t think it is okay for you to berate others and tell them how they should behave.

          Pull the stick out of your ass.

  7. “Let me back up… Let me back up… Let me back up…”

    Yeah, right off the cliff of sanity.

  8. Yeah, I’ve got issue with calling this nutjob the “world’s smartest creationist”, but other than that….priceless.

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