How To Criticize Islam Politely?

There are plenty of arguments about whether Hitler was Christian and just how much evil was done by atheist people in the world and on and on. That said there isn’t much question about the motivations for the killing of a soldier in England on Wednesday. So the question of how to confront the problems that Islam creates continues…


About right now, I am out of give-a-damns for political correctness when dealing with the ‘sensitivities of Islam’ and trying to get common sense out of the whole thing. So here  you go… check the lyrics



Oh, there seem to be plenty of Muslims back peddling and speaking against this one act. That’s a drop in the ocean compared to what they do not speak against but should. Cry me a river already. Why can’t you just say it? Islam attracts the crazy like stink on shit. Then it keeps hold of it, lets it fester, spurs it on till it can’t keep control over it anymore…



  1. This is a really hard issue to talk about.. and yet, it’s simplicity would suggest otherwise; that it is cowardice in not saying what must be said. The clip you posted of the imam only goes to show that Islamic leaders have not fully committed to calling murder murder, insanity.. insanity.. they refuse to go that final step in completely and irrevocably condemning this form of islam as something that has no place in their worldview. They just.. can’t.. bring.. themselves.. to do it.
    That is sad and ultimately what allows fundamentalists of all stripes, whether it be islamic or westboro baptist church, to continue to flourish – because the ones who matter don’t care, and those that care, don’t matter.

    • Damn skippy! I have hopes that within my lifetime hoping that believers will be calling out the crazies among them will feel more like welcome shock and less like pissing in the wind.

    • Thanks for commenting!

      • Argus
      • June 2nd, 2013

      I’ve never been against censorship. But in so much as Islamists scream “An eye for an eye!” when it suits themselves—then, this once, I’m hip.

      I suggest we do just that, by taking hold of their most sacred commands and amending them in reverse … delete any reference to ‘infidels’ and insert in place the word ‘Islamic’ and using those texts ourselves.

      Before long we wouldn’t have an Islamic-terrorist problem — and they, poor souls, would have absolutely no come-back. Not on any grounds (possibly plagiarism? Sue me …)

      • Hey Argus, thanks for commenting.

        I like this idea but would rather hold it to what is currently embedded in the law. In the case of these two murderous idiots I’d go and get their imam and bring him in for collusion and as much of that type of thing as I could muster. Family, friends, mosque friends and so on. Who knew what and when. Did they do anything to stop it? Make it uncomfortable for people to allow it to continue.

        They were caught speaking on video. Check their imam for same or similar words. If they are preaching hate in the mosque, shut it down. Arrest the imam for endangerment, incitement etc.

        The law as it stands in the UK provides for a far reaching enquiry. When they classify it as hate speech they have even more powers. I know they’ve been watching the USA, we’ve been pioneering that whole citizens are terrorists thing for some time now. Cut-n-paste.

        Special reactions aren’t really necessary. The law provides all the wiggle room needed.

          • Argus
          • June 2nd, 2013

          Everyone hides behind the shield of democracy—but it ain’t workin’ when bad people can get away with being bad.

          Ergo we need take a leaf from their own book—again—and apply the letter of the law equally to all.


          At the moment the law is selective, and We The People in the front lines are paying the price.

          (Did you read my posts on bringing back the oubliette? I think the nice man with the red hands would be an ideal ground-breaker.)

  2. The unspoken truth that hides behind political correctness is that there is a level of Islamic sacred text which sanctifies violence against unbelievers. This is a straightforward religious justification of what non muslims would considered unjustified murder. But because this violence is directed by the koran’s ‘the perfect word of god’ there will always be a significant minority of muslims susceptible to doing murder and rape and terror in its name. If people would only listen to what these folk willing to act on this justification say, they would hear them proclaim glory to god while committing what non muslims would consider atrocities. There really is a very strong causal link at work here.

    What isn’t clear is why those who point out this obvious causal link are so vilified, why those who dare speak truth to power are held in such contempt… as if the crime of correctly identifying this very great danger to all of us – from those who believe the koran is the perfect word of god – is almost a worse crime than the atrocities repeatedly and regularly committed in its name. That’s why it’s labeled as ‘Islamophobia’ as if seeing the real danger was irrational when it is exactly the right response to this causal agent.

    • Hey tildeb, welcome back.
      I think the reason that people pointing out the emperor has no clothes are vilified is that the people vilifying them are afraid of what radical Muslims will do. Given responses to videos, cartoons and such, they are right to be cautious but I think their reaction should be one of anger, not fear.

      • Argus
      • June 2nd, 2013

      Then the ‘sacred’ texts must be amended. Normally I stand against hate speech and censorship; but see no reason why the ‘sacred texts’ of all religions cannot be amended—either by removal of invocations of violence or … dammit, too big an issue for here. I’ll have to post on it myself …

      • I hope you tackle the idea that the koran is hate speech.

        While you’re at it, outlaw kosher and halal butchering in the UK.

        Shut down sharia courts.

        Arrest the ‘morality police’ who patrol the streets of some London areas… and prosecute them as thugs and dangers to society.

        England has more cameras than probably any other city. Start using them. Install some more, the citizens are desensitized to it already.

        … ahem… you know I’m half kidding here. The point is that the Law enforcement in England has enough power to stop this, they just don’t have the political will. It would be a shame if the BNP manage to show more backbone than the old bailey.

          • Argus
          • June 2nd, 2013


          (Oops, didn’t mean to shout …)

          SO: if the Koran is the sacred word of God, and God is the most compassionate, the most merciful (it means nice) then telling folks to be mean to infidels is telling them to be not-nice; which to some might flag up as a contradiction.

          But wait, contradictions can’t exist—so if there’s an apparent contradiction, then one of the premises must be false, no? Which? “God is nice?” No, surely not; so it has to be the other, telling us to be not-nice. But wait—it’s unarguably there in blood and white—which means

          Oh bugger, just blown a few fuses. I’m overdue a coffee …

    • ojb42
    • May 23rd, 2013

    OK so not all Muslims agree with the extreme interpretation of these two but it seems that without a belief in Islam the attack wouldn’t have happened and all believers must share part of the blame for allowing such a belief system, which is open to extreme interpretation, to exist.

    In the end Islam and other religions are meaningless nonsense which explains why so many totally opposite interpretations can co-exist.

    While people believe absurdities they can, and will, commit atrocities.

    • Thanks for commenting. I agree with you completely, especially that last sentence.

      • Argus
      • June 4th, 2013

      Simply enough—they are going to have to get their act together and fairly sharpish. To not condemn is to condone.

      When push comes to shove, will the Brit military side with The People or go with the current paymasters who serve … … whom?

      If ever the Brit military is to be used against the Brit people I suggest that the entire Brit populace simply shut up shop and go home … for however long it takes and to hell with the costs. Let the sell-out military milk the cows, keep the trains running, pour the endless soma …

      Afterwards when sanity prevails, the guys who authorised use of force against the populace be made to pay for what they did. And make sure such a thing never drives the Brit people to such lengths again—the easiest way of which is simply “One Law for all”.

  3. Funny how Christians regularly complain that atheists don’t criticize Islam…

    As for your question, perhaps the answer can be summed up in two words: Pat Condell.

    • Yes, Condell has a way with words. I enjoy his videos. There are a few others who do criticism of Islam well but they don’t post as often.

        • Argus
        • June 2nd, 2013

        Dammit. I could be pals with this Pat Condell guy~!

        Never heard of him before, and much catching up to do. Thanks a whole heap! No, I really mean that, it’s not as if I’ve other things to do—like sleeping in what’s left of my night already …

        • Dude, you’re up this late already, call it a wash. LOL

          Oh, btw, you could get the Lords out of parliment, grab the ledger and keys to the abbey and hand them to Canterbury and privatize the CoE, start charging them rent. Kick all the religion out of government. Then you don’t have to be ‘sensitive’ to religious sentiment for any of them. sigh

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