Draw Muhammed Day!

I’m so far behind my goals on this blog that it’s not funny. I am finally getting around to DrawMoDay like 24 hours late. Better late than never. I started earlier but had a setback.

I’m not a good artist but I spent over an hour drawing Muhammed on screen. I used up three pencils! When I pressed save, nothing happened? Meh I found a much better picture than I could do. As I understand it he was meant to be slightly shorter than portrayed here but given the date of this picture, and the artist’s name you can be certain that his perspective is a bit off from true.

I also am given to understand that he ‘doesn’t have a fuckin sense of humour’ about shit… too bad.


This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

English: Mohammed receiving his first revelation from the angel Gabriel. Miniature illustration on vellum from the book Jami’ al-Tawarikh (literally “Compendium of Chronicles” but often referred to as The Universal History or History of the World), by Rashid al-Din, published in Tabriz, Persia, 1307 A.D. Now in the collection of the Edinburgh University Library, Scotland.


And now for something completely different…



  1. I Love Billy Connelly!

  2. How did this pass me by, a day for showing the good side of Islam? I think I will let it pass

    • Perhaps the humour was slightly nuanced this time… rather than make a crude stick figure, I thought it more purposeful to show that people have been drawing Mo for hundreds of years. Getting pissy about it doesn’t make it go away. Some times those drawings get put in museums and stuff so that future generations can see them. What happens on the Internet STAYS on the Internet.

  3. A worthwhile five minutes spent here (and with my coffee) this morning.

    • Thank you for spending morning coffee with me and for such kind words.

  4. Shit, i missed it.

    • I damn near did… I’m working way too much

    • J_Agathokles
    • May 22nd, 2013

    I also find it funny when Muslims are proclaiming their iconoclasm and their freedom from the sin of idolatry, and then you can go ahead and point out such Muslim depictions of even the Prophet himself. Then watch them squirm. And then you haven’t even brought up the idol they keep in the Ka’aba in Makkaḥ, the Black Stone. Did you know BTW that *inside* the Ka’abaḥ there is still an ancient pre-Islāmic depiction of Mary (mother of Jesus) and I think of John the Baptist. Apparently Muḥammad decided that these were the only idols – besides the Black Stone – that were allowed to stay in the Ka’aba even after the Demolition of Idols and the desecration of the site by Muḥammad.

    • I did not know there were other idols in the Ka’aba box. Thanks for that. The key to Islam is exactly as you have said here: “Apparently Muhammad decided….” and then it doesn’t matter what comes after that. hahahaha

        • J_Agathokles
        • May 23rd, 2013

        Yeah, it’s really interesting to realise that once you take Muḥammad out of the picture, the whole of Islām collapses like a house of cards. Everything is built around the prophethood of Muḥammad, so in effect he made himself even mor eimportant then the belief in one God.

        • He built his own religion and sadly Muslims can’t tell the difference. They demand respect for their magic belief because they know that without enforcing such demands there is zero reason to respect their religion.

        • J_Agathokles
        • May 23rd, 2013

        I think I saw pictures of these depictions in the “Roads of Arabia”-exhibition in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. I don’t know where the exhibition is now. It’s really interesting. Perhaps it’s even in the exhibition guide. I’ll check later.

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