Mother’s Day?

HA! I know religion in America is all on-board with this holiday. I have one question: Why are you only doing this once a year, when you’re shamed into it?

I spent two hours on the phone with my mum today. I wished her a happy mother’s day and we talked about all sorts of things. Life and living. I have always respected both of my parents. Society creates this day and a detrimental expectation of recognition on this day. If I don’t call my mum, she’ll feel bad or I’ll be a bad child. It’s not a zero-sum game and it doesn’t promote winning, only losing.

That said, the conversation was great (as always) and I think it helps her self identity/esteem some ways. It was not a grandiose expression, just simple compassion for the woman who gave me so much. Not a once a year thing, but the thing she needs and wants all year.

  1. “Mother is the name of God in the lips and hearts of children.”

    —William Makepeace Thackeray

    • That’s an awesome quote!

      • It’s among the most exquisite and sublime sentences that I know of 🙂

        • It is indeed packed with more substance then it’s character count would indicate.

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