What Did You Just Ask?

What Did You Just Say?

To Celebrate My 500th Post

Well, it’s here. Some time back (see link above), I said that I’d like to celebrate 500 posts with an Ask Me Anything (AMA) of sorts. I Think that I’ll not put any limits on what kind of questions, but I will say that I might not choose to answer in a way that you like … don’t be sad, sometimes that happens.

You can see the topics I post on for inspiration or just pull a question out of your hat.

You can ask here in the comments or at the email address: myatheistlife at G mail dot com

Please, if asking in the comments, start a new paragraph with QUESTION: at the beginning of the line.

QUESTION: Please ask your questions like this.

Heads Up

There are  a couple of topics which the men in black will not allow me to talk about:

  • Faster than light travel
  • Cold fusion
  • Tasteful mother’s day gift giving
  • Why your sports team sucks
  • How I know that you need to do laundry

Other than that, ask away.


  1. Congratulations, MAL!

    QUESTION: What are your top 10 favorite books of all time?

    QUESTION: You once posted a song by a heavy metal band (Judas Priest). You’re also a committed antitheist. Do you enjoy any death metal or black metal bands such as Deicide, Imprecation, Havohej, Sacramentum, Hypocrisy, or Immolation?

    QUESTION: If you were forced to choose a religion, which one would it be and why?

    QUESTION: Has science fully established the nonexistence of a transcendent deity? If not, do you believe that it will eventually?

    QUESTION: What are your top 10 favorite atheist books?

    QUESTION: Who are, in your opinion, the 10 greatest atheist thinkers in history?


    • Regarding the second question–how could I have forgotten to mention Atheist and Nihilist?? 😛

    • Jin-yeong Yi

      Thanks for commenting and the questions. Good questions.

      ANSWER: How about I go with Authors instead: Sagan, Douglas Adams, R.Heinlein, Nietzsche, Aesop, Asimov, Mark Twain to name a few. The Internet has changed my reading habits a LOT. Books that I reread often are mostly technical. If you read what the founding fathers wrote (not what your high school history book says) that is some very disturbingly profound stuff. I wish that Genghis Khan had written.

      ANSWER: As I write, Amon Amarth play list is keeping the dust off of my speakers. Also queued up are: Eths, Strapping Young Lad, Carach Angren, Otep, Tool. I sub to infidelamsterdam’s youtube channel and try to keep up with what he is talking about. I like any genre with metal in the name and thinking back, early Metalica and Megadeath were turning points for me. I know I’ve listened to some Deicide and Immolation. Not sure of the others. My gift list for special occasions is about 300 CD’s that I want… all metal.

      ANSWER: Religion? If forced to choose … Satanism. I think that is about as honest about life as it gets and still qualifies as ‘religious’ though Pastafarians have a lot of fun too.

      ANSWER: Science cannot establish the nonexistence of anything that is so poorly defined as gods. We can scientifically establish the non-existence of a physical object supposed to be inside my car… gods? not so much. Ask any theist to define god, then another, and another… hardly any of them will be the same and the ones that are are useless definitions. The business of denying offered evidence, and doing it very thoroughly has, for me, been enough ‘evidence’ for the non-existence of transcendent deities. It might never be a scientific fact… too much myth under the bridge already.

      ANSWER: It’s odd. I have not read a lot of atheist books. The Internet has stood in for them in my life. The one book that confirmed my atheism the most was the Christian Bible. I think it’s responsible for more atheists than any ‘atheist’ book out there.

      ANSWER: To even name a top 10 great atheist thinkers is such a daunting task. If we were to read from all of them and pick but one or two sayings from each, it would create a book larger than any ever printed. Christians have 66 little pamphlets. Atheists have libraries full of writing by people who don’t believe. I have a difficult time creating top 10 lists … as soon as I have 10 I think oh, wait, I forgot …

      Epicurus quotes (Greek philosopher, BCE 341-270) Then there is Bertrand Russell, Pascal and on and on…

      It stops me in my tracks to look at that date. Read it again, think about it.
      To Epicurus, the Battle of Thermopylae (movie 300) was fairly recent history, yet there he was, pounding it out like anyone Hitchens have ever seemed to be. There have been so many great thinkers. It is not my routine to quote them often nor refer to them in conversation as an anchor. I’ve tried to take their wisdom, make it my own, and speak for myself. Their many names are not on the tip of my tongue I’m afraid.

      Thank you for commenting

  2. Congrats on the big 500, MAL!

    I don’t have any questions, just a request: keep up the good work! You were my first love. Seriously, you were the first to like, comment and follow my blog.

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