Idiots Have Cameras … I Have Proof!

There are those that think religion has good parts and those that think the bad parts really are just stories or don’t read those parts of their holy texts. The truth of he matter is that even the passive and meek support a group/religion that positively encourages bad moral decisions and magical thinking. Religion is dangerous and stupid and it ruins everything.

Essense Of Thought has put a video that highlights the problem:



These kids have been trained to run the simulation in their heads with rules that allow for magic. Their simulations actually have rules that tell them a god intervenes in this life, that prayer works, that all the contradictions in their holy texts are not really contradictions, that anything which contradicts their book is wrong. In short you could call them brain-washed. They believe what they are saying and the simulation in their heads allows them to do this and think they’re making a positive statement.

That’s scary!



  1. Those kids who want god in school should also ask for science lessons in church. That will be fair trade

    • Oh damn!! SNAP!!
      Teach the controversy, Preach the controversy!

  2. So the guy in charge, Gary, sells this alt. crap as a way for kids to “rid themselves of the world’ by spending most of their school time – at least 40 hours a week – in his little patch of cult heaven. What exists outside of his cult he calls ‘the shark tank’ (reality) that tends to eat evangelizing youth like the ones presented in the video alive. Yeah, reality is not Gary’s friend and is quite hard on those who insist it should align with their religious beliefs. That’s why it’s so important to brainwash kids to remove themselves from its influence in order to receive the full monty of the christian cult’s insular teachings. This reveals itself in the revisionist history the kids are taught to believe, the notion that criticism of bat-shit crazy religious claims by those who respect reality is ‘an attack’ on the faith, that the dominant religion in the dominant culture is victimized by a sliver of a minority that dares to re-introduce reality as something more worthy of respect than religious beliefs contrary to it, that they must become soldiers of christ fighting a shadow war against ‘inferiors’ to uphold any positive family and moral values, and so on. It’s straight up religious propaganda that is founded on lies, deceits, and misrepresentations obvious to anyone with a modicum of reasoning abilities.

    Any parent who sends one of their kids to such a cult is not worthy of the title. This is abuse through religious indoctrination and the parents who put their kids through this will deserves the misery and later rejection by those they claim to ‘love’. They love their superstitious beliefs and alternate bubble world inside reality it produces more than the health and welfare of their children to exist in the real world but are too irresponsible and immature to deal with themselves and their ludicrous incompatible superstitious religious beliefs first before trying to ‘fix’ their kids with these lies, deceits, and misrepresentations. It’s really quite sickening.

    • Ramen!
      Tildeb, I knew I could count on your comment 😉

      You see, we’re not in disagreement. This video did make me sick. That loud part in the middle is exactly right – this list of kids died because of the Christian love that they were given… at least in large part.

      sick sick sick

  3. What they are saying seems like they are just repeating bad information given to them by extreme Christian adults. Sad.

    • I was there once. This has been this way since the evangelical movement began, and it’s sick.

  4. This kind of shit makes me sad and mad. I thought the song was pretty kickass, though

    • Yes, it was. I wasn’t expecting it and when it jumped out… wow!

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