The concept that religious apologists attempt to avoid, the tenets of belief regarding every supernatural element of faith; all fail to succeed where science and reason exceed… evidence-based conclusions. Theists challenge the non-religious to prove god doesn’t exist. I find this absurdly backwards- they have already done all the work by unsuccessfully proving he does. -Rationalatheism

Feynman = awesome. Two syllables in both words – coincidence? I don’t think so.

  1. Sure feels nice to have evidence.

    • I’m not going to say I’m convinced that you do.

      • Why not?

        • erm, because I’m not.

          • What would convince you?

            • I believe you have already told me (or some commenter I read) why wanting evidence to be convinced is not applicable/satisfactory/logical or other wiggling.

              It was you that took the other side of the fence on one religion, wasn’t it? As if to say that god himself, the almighty and all knowing, couldn’t convince people of differing faith to change their minds. I think you just like to argue mostly. You ask an atheist what would convince them but argue that it wouldn’t be enough to congeal the whole faith business. I won’t argue with you. If you aren’t convinced there is enough evidence to convince all the other faiths… not much point in having the discussion.

              • I was just curious what would convince you that my beliefs are based on evidence (irrespective of whether you agree with my interpretation of the evidence), but….

                I’m happy to discuss evidence; I just don’t want to end up going in circles from differing evidentiary standards.

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