The Mormons Knocking For The Last Time

Yep, humor is the best medicine and THIS is fucking hilarious!
Go give Bugging Mo’s some love, he’s got his thumb on the Mormon ‘issue’ hahahahaha

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  1. Hi. Long time no talk. The bother in law plea bargained and accepted 12 years. He has already served 3, so he will have 9 left to go. I think things worked out just as they should. I feel the first ounce of respect I have felt for him since all of this started. I think he accepted the plea bargain our of fear that if he went to trial he may get nailed with 25 years, but no matter. He accepted the consequences of his actions and that makes me feel better for some reason.

    • Honest action is always good to see. Even in this case because it can lead to honest living, a better life.

      • I don’t think he is capable of change. His last letter to my husband was pretty disgusting. He went on and on about how his ex-wife and daughter (who he abused for over a year) are out to get him. How he can’t believe his ex is “this vindictive” and she is trying to ruin his life because she was “secretly in love” with one of the women he slept with behind her back. And if she had stayed out of it, he would be out on probation right now. Yeah. Ok.

        He took it 100% out of fear, although I believe the DA was bluffing. I don’t think they had a enough of a case to convict him. They held him for three years without trail and they dropped their offer three times in the last month. They kept telling him his daughter was going to testify against him, which was a lie. His ex-wife was going to, but not his daughter.

        For me, this is the best resolution possible for such a fucked up situation. Everyone will be spared a trial, it was quick and “painless”, he could have been sentenced to 25 years, and this way…he has accepted his own fate. A man who agrees to his own fate is less likely to run from it. Meaning, he will serve his time and not try to kill himself. Everyone has worried about that and he hints at suicide in his letters, but I know he doesn’t have it in him.

        I sound cold and judgmental, but it’s how I feel. He could change and I have seen prison turn some people’s lives around. It’s possible. Anything is possible.

        • Then I hope he does start thinking better during his stay. It sounds like he needs therapy as much or more than jail.

          • I agree with you about his needing therapy. They have him on a healthy dose of anti-psychotics, enough to slow his speech a little. But no actual therapy.

            • Good health care is hard to come by in this country. Sigh.

              • They still have to extradite him to face charges of abusing his daughter here, but again, I don’t think they have a case. There is no evidence, no witnesses, and he hasn’t admitted to it.

                I think I need to lie down. I’ve been fighting a headache all day. Nice talking to you. I’ve missed you.

                • And nice talking with you. Rest. Hope you feel better.

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