Would you do this?

Science! It works… bitches!
Yeah, I know this isn’t really good science but it would be a good lesson. Any takers?

  1. Although I’ve never seen a Christian who tried identifying him/herself as an atheist, I’ve read about Timothy Kurek, a conservative Christian who tried identifying himself as a homosexual for an entire year, “coming out” to his family, friends, and parish, and chronicling the results in his book /The Cross in the Closet/. He carried out this risky experiment because a friend of his was “excommunicated” by her family when she came out as a lesbian.

    I have the book, but I’ve not gotten around to reading it, so there’s not much more I can say except that it sounds like a unique and interesting read.

    • I think I remember that story… but also have not read the book. I’d be interested in your review if you read it … as a guest post?

      • While I plan to read it eventually, I have my hands full with a number of other books, including Patricia Churchland’s /Neurophilosophy/ (rough reading at times, like a reviewer said), Victor Stenger’s recently published /God and the Atom/, /H. L. Mencken on Religion/, and Michael Martin’s /The Cambridge Companion to Atheism/, and it’s been difficult these days to find time to read. So I don’t see any review coming in the foreseeable future.

        But if I do get around to reading the book, and find that I have something edifying to say about it, I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

        • sounds like a good deal to me! Thanks.

          • Thank you! 😉

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