Was The Ten Commandments God’s Biggest Mistake?

Here it is… Sunday. Apparently the day that YHWH likes so much he would have you killed if you don’t laze around. Yep, no work today you effing heathens. Sit down and laze around on your asses (no, not those asses) or the most powerful being in the universe will have you killed. Got that? That’s right, you fucking morons don’t even know when to relax. Well, I suppose I could be wrong. It appears that YHWH missed a lot of opportunities to make sense.

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  1. Hee ….well technically that day was yesterday….lots of chrstians going down for this little variable..oh wait…Paul , Jesus, and Moses should have sat down over a nice cup a joe and ironed this one out 😉

    • LOL, I don’t think Paul was interested in talking to anyone else. He had his own idea of what a religion should be. As little as he actually seemed to write down, it makes up half of the intelligible parts of the New Testament.

  2. I was always fond of George Carlin’s memorable take on the Ten Commandments:

    “Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man… living in the sky. Who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list–of ten things he DOES NOT WANT YOU TO DO. And if you do ANY of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry, forever and ever…’til the end of time!

    “But HE LOVES YOU.

    “He loves you.

    “He loves you and HE NEEDS MONEY!”

    To be sure, his is a caricature of the actual teachings (e.g., some of the commandments are positive rather than negative injunctions, and one can break the commandments and still go to Heaven if one asks for God’s forgiveness), but his delivery is so good that many of the technical faults can be overlooked.

    • I would hold that the positive injunctions in the 10 commandments are left negative by the lack of positive commands to rebuff what is bad… honor thy mother and father is not rebuffed by honor your children… as an example. All of them are negative if viewed in full light. Carlin nailed it. All of them can be replaced by one positive edict … the law of reciprocity… or the golden rule if you like. The trouble is that YHWH had to put in those parts about him being the only real god .. just so it would be known and all the doubters could be informed. It’s not like he could come down off the mountain and show everyone or anything… hell no. Just say so like the Hammurabi guy did in stone and that takes care of everything. Yes, while you are hammering it out in stone with Moses, ignore the fact that your chosen people are doing it with ba’al at the base of the mountain. That’s exactly what an omnipotent god would do…. yeah right.

      • Interesting points. I think the positive injunctions are positive in the simple sense in that they are affirmative–do, as opposed to do not.

        Either way, I agree that the Commandments are hardly what one could call a comprehensive code of ethics. For me at least, Shelly Kagan’s two commandments (don’t hurt and do help) are far preferable. One might even argue that George Carlin’s two commandments (always be honest and faithful and try your best to not murder) have more going for them than YHWH’s twin tablets.

        • I hope that you do realize that the law of reciprocity has both the proactive and reactive components. This covers both of Kagan’s two commandments in one. You only need the one. YHWH left it all up to interpretation anyway. There’s no point in getting specific if it’s up for interpretation unless you are REALLY adamant about something … Like only love me, I’m the only real god, worship me and important stuff for life like that.

          • Yes, I realize that. Indeed, I think one of the major weaknesses of the Commandments is precisely the fact that they are devoid of actual reciprocity, as you’ve pointed out.

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