Simply Classic

Sometimes you see a thing that is … well, it’s classic. Not in the sense that it is a defining moment in society but that it is a event that defines society’s momentum. If this video doesn’t go viral I’ll be upset.


Dee has a few good things to see. Give her some love on that like button.

  1. Sometimes you just have to say, “F*** those people.”

    • Yes you do. I think that video should be a viral classic.

      • You mentioned that. How are things?

        • Well, life has been ‘special’ lately and I’m working my ass off. At this rate I’ll need new pants next week. That’s life. It’s all good. I’m trying to keep up and enjoy it…. some days good, some days not so much.

          I appreciate the thought. How are things for you?

          • I’m in the same boat as you, just over at the other end.

            • When both ends meet in the middle … well, they say strange stuff happens… I’m all for finding out what 😉

              • Me too. I just have to find my way there.


                It’s good to see you around. I’ve missed you.

                • I’ve been pretty busy lately. Trying to catch back up. I’m glad you’re here with me.

                  • Thank you. I’m happy to be here. With you.

                    I’ve been rather busy myself. Being a good girl takes everything I have sometimes and then some. It’s worth it though.

                    • I’ve been following, and I can’t say enough about how inspiring I find it. People like reality tv. I like reality. You bring a dimension to my life that helps keep me reality based.

                    • Thank you.

                  • Night.

  2. Who’s Dee? (No link…)

    • Does that video not give enough to find her channel? She’s prolific and has a pretty straight view of things. Not for everyone of course, but she comes out with some good stuff. DeityFree Dee should get you to her channel.

      • Ahhhhh, click on the utuby thingy and it goes to her page! Me so slow, be patient and kind 🙂

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