Why are you Atheists so Smug?

This is a really good post. I’ll add to this this that it’s not religion in general that pisses me off, nor the idea that someone might choose to believe in something I understand does not exist. It’s when they attempt to force their morality and doctrine/dogma on others … when they are generally being caustic to society at large that I get pissed off. It’s these very people that call atheists smug or say that atheism is a religion.

Grail Diary

I’ll start with the short answer: we aren’t.

Now for the longer answer.

Why is it presumed that if someone chooses to explain what they believe and why that they are smug?  I say that I’m an atheist because I think it is tremendously important for other atheists to know that they aren’t the only one and that it is OK to conclude that there is no god.  Is that smug?

Is the simple choice to stand up and be counted smug?

No, of course it isn’t.

Now if I go further and say that I believe all religions are equally wrong, have I crossed over into smug territory?  Do I sound like I’m saying I’m better than all those religions because I’m so sure I know everything about god (or the non-existence of god)?

Well, no.  But I expect I need to go into more detail.

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  1. Personally, I find fundamentalist Christians—on the whole—to be far more smug than the average atheist.

    But when the reverse is true….well, maybe the smugness is more than just the claims being made. Both sides are making claims. Maybe the smugness comes from the assertion that your knowledge of the other side entitles you to make sweeping generalizations about the other side, generalizations that aren’t properly supported by the evidence you’ve presented. ‘Cause that does seem fairly smug.

    • nothing to argue with there… not really.

      • I should probably point out examples.

      • Example: “I feel religion provides an unassailable citadel from which people can push their followers in any direction they wish. Because religion is entirely based on faith, there is no test of the basic hypothesis.”

  2. Some theists have a false sense of superiority, and anyone who disagree with them (both atheists and other theists) is either evil or need to be “rescued”.

    • Mordanicus, Thanks for commenting.
      I have a theory of mind that permits the mind to include incorrect rules such as theists use and feel that the world is perfectly correct with those rules. This enables a sense of being right that is not true but ‘feels’ true to the believer. Such gives them the sense of superiority that you speak of. They “KNOW” that their beliefs are correct and they are going to heaven. The rules of their mind’s simulation of the world make this seem right. They actually feel justified in their belief that they will go to heaven and the rest of us are wasting our afterlife in the here and now.

      In effect, they are broken machines. Not because of physical failure, but because the logic or programming is faulty. In the end it does not matter where the fault is, they are ‘broken’ and that sense of superiority is merely a side effect.

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