Editorial cartoon of the day

How many of the last 10 years of mass killings have been committed by folk who literally and figuratively should have already been in an institution for the mentally derranged?

Do we need anti-terrorism laws or do we need better, cheaper health care? Mr Legislator, are you listening?

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  1. EXACTLY! Ban pressure cookers!

    • I think the point is that there are no Muslims in the line up. No women, no satanists, no paramilitary seperatists, none of the usual suspect. It’s a big list of whack-jobs that used whatever weapons were available. They can’t be profiled and laws against their weapons would not have worked on the others.

      We’re not being attacked by fundamentalist Muslims radicalized by exposure to ‘our freedoms’ … rather we are being attacked by crazy people who are smart enough to stay out of institutions designed to rehabilitate them.

      It’s not lack of god in society, or even the wrong kind of god. It’s the lack of good health care and vigilant care givers and lawmakers in taking care of the weakest of us.

      But you know… lets pray on that.

      • Ah. That makes more sense.

        • Yeah, the point is so subtle that I don’t think society is catching on here… it’s not guns or bombs that are the problem. It’s health care.

          • Yeah. Totally flew over my head. The only thing I could think was that one guy had a pressure cooker and the rest had firearms.

            • Actually, I reblogged because I looked at the pic for a full 3 minutes trying to figure out what is supposed to be funny …. an awesome cartoon.

              • There you have it.

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