God And Anger. BFF?

You have to admire it when scientists do cool things, and they DO do COOL things. TheRawStory.com version of this bit of news links to ‘Can picking the right religion relieve anxiety‘ news and to a little NCBI paper about evolutionary threat assessment systems in the brain. You know I have an interest in the human brain, so I had to read.

Some guy (Marymount Manhattan College Assistant Psychology Professor Nava Silton) decided to look into whether god belief was related to anger in some way. Not just any particular way, but in _some_ way. So he went and got some data (like you do) from 2010 Baylor Religion Survey of US Adults to see if there is any kind of link or correlation between mental illness and god belief.

Hang on, I know what you’re thinking OMG, proof!

Not quite. What he did conclude though is pretty … well, here, you figure it out:

People who believe in an angry, punishing God are much more likely to suffer from a variety of mental illnesses, a scientific study published in the April edition ofJournal of Religion & Health finds.

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God and Anger. BFF?


The study seems to conclude that the data doesn’t show a causal link but it does show that there are a lot of mentally ill folk who like to think of god as an angry vengeful type god, throw in some genocide and a bit of destroyer of worlds and you get the idea. As might be concluded, this also helps confirm that those who are not mentally unbalanced tend to view god as all nice and fluffy and white and loving – like Timothy Leary in a really cool toga.

The theory of mind that I’m working with here states that we use rules to create a simulation of the world around us in our minds and that simulation is in fact how we experience the world. It follows (somewhat logically) that if the machinery that is used to create this simulation is faulty, the simulation would in fact also be faulty. I didn’t say the logic was perfect so bear with me here.

Some folk see things in black and white, no grey. Some see only the rainbow (damn you skittles). Some see things without a particular reliance on one limited set of crayons. If a person’s rule set gives more weight to black and white clear cut values we can imagine how this would favor vengeance rather than tolerance, absolutes values rather than subjective values and so on. This would not require full childhood onset dementia, rather it would only require enough of a skewing to set the weighting wrong on the rules sets for the simulation in order to make that simulation favor a vengeful god of objective moral values etc. This then would be a method of explaining the varying levels and strengths of belief across the populace. Further it explains why some are willing to choose tolerance on many issues but still keep to objective values. The problem is not like light switch, it’s a range of values.

Looking at the number of ‘nones’ and newly de-converted atheists we can hypothesize that this failure can be induced by environment and corrected over time by adjustment of the rules – either by slow nudging of values or dramatic fast paced realignment of a person’s rules. It is also possible that the rules can’t be fixed due to physical damage or incorrect functioning that prevents some part of the brain from getting the weight that it needs for the rules to fully adjust to ‘normal’ as we tend to see it.

The take away is that observation seems to support the theory that small physical problems can cause behavioral anomalies. Anomalies such as many of us view religious belief.

Think about the aberrational behavior patterns we see in people strongly related to the church. Maybe you’ll get the same understanding that I have.



  1. Reblogged this on digger666 and commented:
    “…Timothy Leary in a really cool toga”? While not sure about the toga, I seem to recall some fairly wicked kaftans. And togas, I also seem to recall, were mainly fashionable among Greco-Roman deities, who were no strangers to rage, jealousy, revenge, pique and inconstancy.

    • Natural Born RAVER!
    • April 27th, 2013

    Ha ha! Love the photo! Plenty of those around… 🙂

    • You know what? I can’t remember where that came from. I generally search for ‘free’ photos etc. and there are so many to choose from that I can’t remember anything about that photo! LOL such are everywhere.

        • Natural Born RAVER!
        • April 28th, 2013

        My bible thumper sister inlaw looks like that! Bwa! Ha ha ha! Damn bitch burned my forehead with her cross! lol

        • ROFL, you can get that removed or maybe covered up with a “my sinister in law is satan” tattoo

            • Natural Born RAVER!
            • April 28th, 2013

            By the way ole friend, I’m Faint Signal. Bwa! Ha ha ha! Missed ya. 🙂

            The bitch? (Coughs) I mean my sister in law? She just needs a good pistol whooping and a dick in her ass to straighten her out! lol

            • LOL, Welcome back!
              I can’t say anything about the misogyny cure but I do know that bible thumping isn’t the answer to anything. Funny thing though, theists are pretty tightly wound up about sex, so much so that when they start getting some most of them relax right the fuck out.

                • Natural Born RAVER!
                • April 28th, 2013


                I never really left, just had all kinds of accounts for a week or two at a time and left and kept coming back.

                It’s a damn shame I have to tone down my writing just to be here…

                But oh well, I can stick to just a couple of clean genres. 🙂

                P.S. Now I know why I’m so uptight…

                I need some sex to chill the fuck out! Ain’t getting any on this end… lol

                • Dude, It was hard to follow you… did you stop writing or did I just lose track? I was trying to follow with RSS but I’ve been so busy I don’t even know when I sleep anymore.

                  I personally liked your writing. It’s a shame that society is fucked up enough that honesty is not encouraged.

                    • Natural Born RAVER!
                    • April 28th, 2013

                    Friend, I never stopped writing… I am a fucktard who deletes my blogs and creates new accounts out of fear amongst other things personal…

                    I don’t expect people to try and keep up. 🙂

                    You’re one of the few I still have ion my follow list and feel are genuine. 🙂

                    Instead of using cuss words, I’m aiming at innuendos and pure truth, such as the post I’m working on right now. 🙂 You inspire me, what can I say! lol

                    There’s more ways than one to skin a “Self righteous” bible thumper (Coughs) I mean a cat… lol

                    • Well, I’m glad you’re back. All the writers I like who I think are hammering away at reality and truth are in danger of TOS violations… not just here but everywhere. People are afraid of the truth when it’s not sugar coated. Me, I like my poison raw. I’d have bitched at Mr Jones because the coolaid was too sweet!

                      • Natural Born RAVER!
                      • April 28th, 2013

                      Alex Jones? Yeah, I listen to him. 😀

                      • Natural Born RAVER!
                      • April 28th, 2013

                      I never leave a reader disappointed…

                      Here’s a separate blog for people just like you who like your poison raw…


                      Thank you for the love you’ve shown, much appreciated. (Warm smiles) 🙂

                      I’m putting up an old post now on it I don’t think you have seen, but it’s a treat, trust me. 😉


                    • hahahahahahhaha Love the name. I’ll keep checking. It says nothing found at the moment.

                      • Natural Born RAVER!
                      • April 28th, 2013


                      Posted just for you friend, hot off the archives. 🙂

            • Natural Born RAVER!
            • April 28th, 2013

            Yeah, the burn mark is still there… Maybe a tattoo is in order… lol

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