New Math And “The Problem”

It doesn’t matter how you add this up, these stories sum as in indictment of religions. Primarily the big three monotheistic, Abrahamic religions. Sure, sure. You can argue that there are pedophiles, rapists, thieves, and abusers everywhere and in all communities. I suppose there will always be some small percentage of humanity which is wont to be such ways. The trouble here is that these people are operating within and behind the protection of a community of people which claims the high road on morality, which claims to ‘KNOW’ god and his morals.

Statistically we shouldn’t be surprised that these types of people are religious. In the US about 70% of all criminals should be religious. In Islamic countries generally 95% or more are religious, or should be. The problem being that religions claim to keep adherents on the straight and narrow path. The news is increasingly filled with stories of failed theists. It seems every day that there is another horror story of a cleric gone bad. It happens in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This god of Abraham seems to be nothing more than a scam or con.

Yes, you can tell me that they aren’t true believers but the rest of us can’t tell them apart from other ‘believers’ and apparently neither can you or the real believers till they get caught. No matter what you claim this religion stuff does’t seem to work. There haven’t been any supposed miracles for 2000 years or more and that praying for the church doesn’t seem to protect it from the very clerics who run it. Clearly belief, prayer, nor even scholarly endeavors can protect the faithful from the faithful.



A question for the believers out there: Knowing stuff like can be found in the news, why would I need to get involved in your religion or faith? Clearly it doesn’t work any better than sleeping in on Sundays does. Oh, I forgot, god helped you find your keys… but he didn’t have time to stop the preacher from raping your niece…. makes sense!





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  2. Am not sure you are going to get a direct answer from theists unless you are asking them a rhetoric question for which you don’t want to hear their answers!

    • Yes, it was a rhetorical device on which I cleverly leveraged the sarcastic comment about god finding car keys… but fails to protect children and marathon runners!

    • Tabitha Cunningham
    • April 16th, 2013

    There needed to be a monthly recap of religious horrors, I can’t keep up with this shit.

    • Yeah, I subbed to that channel… It’s in the news every day and becoming a drain to keep up with. I like the recaps…. :0

      Thanks for commenting.

        • Tabitha Cunningham
        • April 17th, 2013

        You’re welcome – I wanted to comment on the post you did in March about your mom, it was very thoughtful.

        • Thank you.

  3. Organized religion is about money. It is a huge money making machine, and yes the Catholics use the money to pay of parents when their children have been molested. Then the priest is moved to another parish.
    Religion take from the poor who feed off of the need, the hope.
    It makes me sick

    • Thanks for the follow and commenting.

      There is a growing number of people who are sickened by religion. I wish it would grow faster.

      • There are other forms of abuse when it comes to religion, many people seem to look over. Domestic abuse. Many religions practice Domestic Discipline.
        Although it is present in the BDSM lifestyle, I believe it runs wild in the christian family’s who practice Domestic Discipline.
        The female has no where to run, nor does she have anyone to turn to, as she has been brought up in a DD family. In a marriage physical abuse is more likely who lives by DD.
        I have done studies and blog about such and received much feed back from women who have gone through abuse.
        In a DD relationship the male is more controlling, in a BDSM relationship most of the time the male Dominant is more in control, a huge difference.
        In a DD relationship women take years and years of abuse, even at times starting at birth.
        organized religion is an evil monster, the Muslims show this side of it. Wars are started over religion, people are killed daily over religion, yet it is suppose to be so peaceful, and caring.

        Your blog is awesome.

        • Vile,
          I’m glad to have you following, and thank you for your kind words about my blog. I have experienced both of the lifestyles you have commented on first hand and know exactly what you are talking about. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • theantisocialmanifesto
    • April 18th, 2013

    Good fight, Myatheistlife. Never stop fighting.

    • I’m finding interesting opposition these days 😉

    • Thanks for commenting

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