Are You Guilty?

In the USA there are lots of people who still discriminate against GLBTQ members of society. No, they don’t make them use different bathrooms or sit in the back of the bus but there are situations which happen every day that show discrimination is loud and clear to this group of people.



Outside of raging bigots, the main support for discrimination against GLBTQ people is from adherents of monotheistic religions. I get flack from time to time for stating that even calm, mild, happy, liberal Christians are just as bad as the fundamentalists. The story of Amanda Brown’s Fathers is exactly what I’m talking about. There are far too many people who act inhumane to these groups. There are far too many people who are simply bigots to these groups. These inhumane bigots feel justified in their in/actions because of their monotheistic religious beliefs. That’s right. Mild mannered aunt Jane is an inhumane bigot. Maybe she doesn’t appear that way when you’re around her, but give her a chance to act on that bigotry and you see what happens?

That’s right. Kindly aunt Jane worries about the homosexual agenda when the only real agenda is that of monotheistic religions to oppress GLBTQ people. If anyone wants to give me flack for that stance they had better be calling the Kansas City Mo Police Chief and emailing/writing to the Police Chief their concerns and outrage at the very poor way their officers handled this situation. If you are liberal monotheist and think you’re not part of the problem, you’d better be speaking out in support of these loving husbands. If you’re not religious and think secular and faith communities can work together you’d better be all over this making sure your faith-y friends are speaking up in support of these loving husbands.

I’m sick and tired of being told that I’m negative and then having to read about news stories like this. I’m on the right side of history here. Bookmark this article and others like it. When the apologists and accommodationists talk about working together – show them these articles and tell them their work is cut out for them. They need to get off their bibles and out in the world stopping this kind of bigotry and hate from ruining the lives of others.

That’s right – mild aunt Jane is a bigot and if you’re not going to tell her, I will. Take this opportunity to break the news to her in a kindly manner. She _IS_ going to be told.

  1. A little off topic, but did you read about the anti-homosexual lawyer, Lisa Biron? Why, why, why am i not surprised by this….

    • Perfect! Personally, the more I see of it, the more convinced I am that religion was invented not to control society but to subvert it while protecting real criminals from prosecution. It perfectly protects pedophiles from prosecution. I don’t care how much people say that is just a coincidence. All three big monotheistic religions have no rules built-in against pedophilia and all the loops and rules needed for such to proliferate.

      • The kernels of all supernatural nonsense are honest, i think, but the roots of dogma are sick and sinister, yes.

        • Agreed. I happen to think the kernels were wrong too, but that is just me.

          • Honestly mistaken might be a better articulation 😉

            • I stand corrected. That is a better expression of it.

  2. THANK YOU for writing this. Who you love is in your heart; how you are afforded the opportunity to do so is in your government. Religion is in your heart as well and should be no where else, especially the government. Why is this such a hard thing for people to understand??

    • I don’t think religion is about love or peace. It does not protect either.

      • I absolutely agree. I just meant that it belonged to the individual and should stay that way. There is nothing loving about religion, only hate.

        • Ideally, I would think it a better world if it did.

  3. You say it well. They must be told and I think the easiest way is to share with them this post.

    • Gamma Atheist
    • April 13th, 2013

    Yes!!! Exactly!! I am tired of being the one constantly called negative because I want a change!! I am surrounded by religious bigots and I never bite my tongue. Love is true, no matter what. Thank you for this!

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it.

    • teyahdreams
    • April 13th, 2013

    I was raised catholic, family turned to a conservative baptist in my early teens, and then proceeded to find a charismatic church, (which my mother is still going to, and happy there). Through the years, I found it doesn’t matter which religion or beliefs a particular church has, they use the name of “God” to overlook the horrible things they have and can do. I at one time was married to a baptist deacon who was also a bible study teacher and fill in preacher. This man was a pathological liar, abusive mentally and physically, and one of the meanest human beings I had ever had experience with. I saw things behind the scenes of a church where they covered things up, schemed plans all in the name of their god, so as not to make “the church” look bad. Oh you should have heard the lies he said to the church when I filed for divorce LOL, I was the most horrible creature created on earth lol

    Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some, but honestly I believe very few who are christian who are also kind hearted with non prejudice thoughts and acts, but righteousness and morals come from within, kindness and not being a bigot come from your train of thought which will hopefully then be embedded within your heart. People chose to be good or not, but at least whatever you choose, have the gall to accept it as a human choice and stance, don’t go running behind your religion to hide or justify negative behavior.

    Sorry for the rant, I will never understand the minds of those that can do wrong and hide within their religion to make it alright (for them). If I do something good for someone, I am thankful I am able to do it. If I wrong someone, I take the blame and the consequences as a human that follows no god, and I have to say it feels pretty damn good to take on my own responsibilities for my actions whether good or bad.

    • Nicely said, teyahdreams. Building and owning one’s morality is far more responsible and moral than borrowing predigested pap from others and pretending it magically bestows richer moral nutrients. Being responsible is hard, but – as you say – it feels pretty damn good. I would even go so far as to say it is liberating. And without liberation, one is not free.

      • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. When people ask about atheist morals, this should be the answer:

    “I take the blame and the consequences as a human that follows no god, and I have to say it feels pretty damn good to take on my own responsibilities for my actions whether good or bad.”

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. You make some great points! Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

    • I have thought many things about theism and the belief in gods. One thing I’ve come to understand – they believe it all to be true. What is required is not to ask them to think about other options, but to prove that what they believe is not true. This does not always require a baseball bat of an argument, but you (we?) need to be prepared to go to that level. My partner is deist and asks me questions on occasion. I do not find a deist position harmful or caustic. My partner does not use it to try to alter the world, only to try to understand it. This is generally what we call learning. Those that want to alter the world to fit their malformed rules about reality are caustic and need to be stopped in their tracks… as do the aunt Jane’s of the world. Propagating bad ideas and rules about the world is a cancer and needs to be removed. Some times it only takes a debate or a book, other times it takes a bare knuckle style argument… the method does not matter so much as the goal … though that sounds bad, I mean it in a good way – there is more than one effective way to go about fixing the problems.

    • Thank you for your kind words.

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