Not Rocket Science

Because, damnit, the moon is not made out of cheese!

The Honest Courtesan

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  –  Carl Sagan

Lately, I’ve run into a number of people who seem completely unable to comprehend that the burden of proof is on the one proposing some extraordinary concept such as “rape culture”, “social construction of gender” or an epidemic of “sex trafficking”; they seem to believe that their assertion that these things exist is enough, and that I am some kind of heartless monster for even daring to question their veracity.  If I told one of these people that my waiter had spontaneously combusted during dinner, or that there had been a rain of toads on my property today, I daresay he would insist on proof despite the fact that these things have indeed actually happened in the past (though very rarely).  Yet, I am supposed to accept his declaration that the laws of biology are suspended for human beings, or that the…

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  2. Actually I’m a cheese truther!

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