Believers and the Bible

Reading requires thinking, thinking begets questioning. Both of these are forbidden fruits. It’s no secret, really.


The Christian Century recently picked up the following article from the Religion News Service confirming a suspicion I’ve had for a long time:  Church-goers don’t read the Bible–at all.

The Bible is the most-bought, least-read book in the world.   And Bible reading is another aspect of religion that often becomes a mild source of guilt for believers.  I can’t tell you the number of times over the years I’ve head people say, “I really SHOULD read the Bible more.”  They say it the same way they would say, “I really should exercise more” and “I really should eat more vegetables.”   Yet most Christians do not even have a tenuous grasp of the biblical narrative trajectory.  That’s not a criticism, just an observation.

Actually, I wish more people would read their Bibles.  Studying the Bible probably sowed the seeds for my own journey towards reason and free-thought.  Even…

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  1. Kind of like claiming to be a physicist because you own a book by Stephen Hawking and once heard a quote from Feynman.

    • Isn’t that much of what divinity school is? Just saying.

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