Two Simulators Crash

Each of us animals is running a simulation of the world in our brains. We use our sensory data to inform that simulation. This causes a ‘buffering’ effect as data is processed for presentation to our conscious minds. It’s fast enough that we don’t notice it because as babies we trained our minds to work with the delay between sensory data and muscle movement. For the most part we never notice but there are times that we do and there are ways to see the delay. All we need is a film camera which is many times faster than our visual sense data systems. To witness this, here you go… enjoy. Two Simulations Crashing together



In slow motion you can see all the delays that we normally do not notice. You see the imperfections of the human’s aim, the delay in the turtle’s response etc. When shown in normal speed, it all happens fast and seems accurate. This is why using our simulation to consider the simulation running in our brains is difficult. Nothing is as it seems.

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