Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot: Killing in the Name of Atheism?

This is a brilliant video. Stop by and check out ‘Minds and Brains’ …

Minds and Brains

Wait for the end!

h/t: Debunking Christianity

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  1. christians have a structrual blindspots for all prosecution done by them, more people have been killed in name of “jeses” than by any other religion or ideology. Of all religions christianity is the most hypocritical and intolerant one.

    • Though the numbers are arguable, if you count the OT, killing in the name of YHWH is definitely the winner.

      That structural blind spot is there for all of us. Christians are blind to certain things because they are Christians. The rest of us have our blind spots too. The difference is that most of the rest of us are not blind to the genocide and murder of others done in the name of our beliefs.

      For instance, I might be blind to the failures/shortcomings of my favorite operating system. Nobody ever got killed in the name of Windows 7… amirite?

      We all have that weakness but Christians make it seem egregious. sigh.

      • Of course, you’re right in that we have all blindspots, and I will never deny that. However, the problem with christians is that they blend this with their arrogance and their mistakenly feelings of superiority (yes, this is also not only limited to christian).

        Since I consider the OT as mainly fictional, I wouldn’t count those deaths.

        • I’ve used that tack a couple of times. If the god of the OT is real then all that genocide is real too… you have to believe the genocides to believe the laws of the OT …. LOL

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