New attacks on New Atheists (and one defense)

I guess there is a theme today….

Why Evolution Is True

I have neither the heart nor the time to reprise or analyze the latest salvo of attacks on New Atheists, so I’ll just list them here (with a brief quote from each) if you’re interested. These have, in fact, all appeared in the last few days, so something is afoot.

As a palliative, there’s one defense by Michael Luciano.

The damnation of St. Christopher“: Michael Wolff rips apart Christopher Hitchens in British GQ Magazine.

And in a sense it ends up making the case against him. Hitchens was really not a contrarian – at least not a contrarian in the sense of someone with eccentric, lonely opinions, often held for no other reason than that no one else holds them – but rather doctrinal and partisan. What’s more, he mostly gave offence where no offence would really be taken – or where he could be guaranteed a phalanx…

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