Read the Guardian article! jonnyscaramanga’s blog is good ….

Leaving Fundamentalism

I’m back in the Guardian.

I decided to get out the big guns this time.I uploaded scans of all the relevant PACE pages and linked to them from the text. Anyone who wishes to accuse me of misrepresenting the facts now has quite a lot of evidence to contend with.

This one hasn’t created quite the enormous splash on facebook that my last one did, so if you could share it with your friends (the Guardian link, not this blog post), I’d really appreciate it.


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  1. Oh my friend, the posts you reblogg make my days. You must have ears on the ground and eyes on the sky to get all this!

    • LOL, No, I have a jack in the back of my head and it is plugged in most of the time

      • Can you share it, I am going to need one of those sooner

        • Trade secrets remain so only when… well, kept secret LOL but you might want to try a smart phone

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