I’ve started a conversation with ‘A Thoughtful Christian’ – if you are interested in following, be my guest. They are trying to work through their thoughts so a lot of negative probing would probably be counterproductive. I’m going to follow along and continue the conversation if you’re interested in how it works out.

A Thoughtful Christian

** AMENDMENT** According to legend, Oliver Cromwell famously responded to an artists painting of him without his warts by saying, “Show me as I am, warts and all”.  Reviewing this post just a few days ago (April 28, 2017), I found that there is a line in here that I would not write if I was writing this today.  It is an ugly line and come from a place when I had an inferior appreciation of what God has done for me through suffering.  I would remove it except that I believe that one of the huge problems with the church today is that we do not understand that the human journey is a path where we are continually growing and changing.  If you read this site, then you are seeing my journey as it happened.   Warts and all.

Aren’t you forgetting that god could simply have created us…

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  1. I joined the conversation and inquired on how creating man as he wants us is a logical absurdity and I think we will not get so far.
    Enjoy the conversation, I will watch on the sidelines

    • It seems that he wants the conversation (to me anyway) but it may be slow.

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