I’ve started a conversation with ‘A Thoughtful Christian’ – if you are interested in following, be my guest. They are trying to work through their thoughts so a lot of negative probing would probably be counterproductive. I’m going to follow along and continue the conversation if you’re interested in how it works out.

A Thoughtful Christian

Aren’t you forgetting that god could simply have created us as he wants us? Why test us if he knows what we will do anyway? If he knew the tests would fail, why create us imperfect? The angels did not need testing. You start with the premise that god loves humans – they then did he create everything such that man could fail him? These are the questions that the Christian needs to answer.

You seem to infer that he cannot create the perfect companion nor do you explain why omniscience needs companions. You are still presupposing many things for which you offer no explanation. If humans are to be judges over angels, 1/3 of which abandoned him, then your god created two failed species. How does this speak to his supposed omnipotence and omniscience? Is your god experimenting? How is this omnipotence or omniscience?

These are the words of…

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  1. I joined the conversation and inquired on how creating man as he wants us is a logical absurdity and I think we will not get so far.
    Enjoy the conversation, I will watch on the sidelines

    • It seems that he wants the conversation (to me anyway) but it may be slow.

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