Jesus Wept!

Yes, it says so in the Christian bible, so it must be true. I can think of a million things he should have been crying about, but it wasn’t any of those. He had compassion to raise the dead Lazarus as we see in John 11:

32Therefore, when Mary came where Jesus was, she saw Him, and fell at His feet, saying to Him, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.”

33When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews who came with her also weeping, He was deeply moved in spirit and was troubled,

34and said, “Where have you laid him?” They said to Him, “Lord, come and see.”

35Jesus wept.

36So the Jews were saying, “See how He loved him!”

37But some of them said, “Could not this man, who opened the eyes of the blind man, have kept this man also from dying?”

But that fucking pretender doesn’t give a shit about people today.



Go on, tell me your god is real and this kind of suffering is what his plan was for these people. Do that and I’ll show you a liar.

  1. H o l y c r a p !!!

    • Yeah, fuck the god botherers….

      • A gene misplaced can cause some amazing things.

        • That life replicates itself so well and so often is itself a truly amazing thing. It is not, however, a perfect thing of perfect design. There is no authority but us and the more acclaim that we give gods, the less respect we have for ourselves.

          • Yup… It never ceases to amaze me that the human genome is essentially the same genome copied twice over of the amphioxus fish-like marine chordate, the first vertebrate. we are fish variants.

            • That brain, the very model inside your and my heads has the ability to work for many body plans, many situations. I’m working on the post explaining my take on this.

              • Cool!

  2. Turn your head and turn on Millionaire Matchmaker. All gone!!!


  3. There should be no mystery why there is so much depression. BECAUSE WE TURN OUR BACKS ON REAL SUFFERING, and we know it is wrong. Ohhhh, no, that’s just original sin and those people are being purified for heaven.

    • I think you are right, Satan is the real god. They worship a god and turn a blind eye to their brothers and sisters. They leave it for their god to fix… yes, that imaginary one. I don’t doubt for a minute that the reason that extra terrestrial intelligent life has not contacted us is because we are yet too primitive.

      • I think they say, “expressive creatures. Language is a confusing mess. Can you imagine trying to communicate with them? Fuck that.” Except they’d have communicated that to each other with numbers.

        • This next post or two that I’m working on for the brain and free will touches on this. I’m having trouble condensing it all to a couple more posts. We talk way too much, or at least much more than needed. It causes us many problems.

          • We do but this is where I’m at odds with some people who are certainly smarter than me. As long as dumb people are online spreading nonsense then we can’t always meet them quietly. It’s not the same thing as people talking over each other in a room. People come through, impressionable minds, reading comments- even if we can’t always say it right- i believe that online – saying anything is better than nothing and math will take care of the rest.

            • You have a very important point. It amounts to refuting the idea that atheists should be less obnoxious and just let people believe what they want to. Which is, of course, the same as shut the fuck up and let us spread our religions to whomever we wish. Religious thought should be countered with greater fervor than it uses to spread itself.

              • It really comes down to math. Unfortunately, quantity may be more important than quality. Atheism makes more sense. It’s really an obvious call once you break through. But there is a LOT noise to break through. Religion is easy to spread. JESUS SAVES. Wow. That’s some fucking messaging there. That’s the EMOTIONAL appeal that we have to offset. 2 words can potentially strike that emotional chord and their imagination does the rest.

                I question whether not a simple “Fuck God” in every comment thread online would not have positive results. I tend to think it would.

                • One of the things that I’m working on in the next posts is the simulation in our heads and one of the things it covers is the idea that subliminal messages work, that repeated messages work, than anything which can influence our simulation works. While it sounds counter-intuitive, I have reasons that what you have said will work. If you say Fuck God often enough and have truth in your other words, it will work eventually. Our brains are smart enough to work well even if we are thinking all fucked up. Truth does win. For many brains it takes repetition. I think you are right on with your thought even if you are being blunt.

                  • Thank you! I can go to sleep feeling a little less crazy tonight 🙂

                    • I don’t think you are crazy. Anyone that thinks as deeply as yourself is not crazy… just not normal. Remember that normal includes some fascination for reality tv….

                    • Hey, I’ll drop this one on ya. Been dropping it a few times lately.

                      Ok 2. From Mark Twain.

                      “Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only true defense.”

                      “True irreverence is disrespect for another man’s god.”

                      Drop those when little bitches call you rude or mean.

                    • Are you kidding? MT? I nearly worship that man’s words. The trouble is that I don’t get people calling me rude or mean… I don’t get it either. You’d think it would happen regularly since I am an anti-theist who eats babies for breakfast and all. Seriously, I do not get situations where people call me rude or mean. I don’t understand it.

                    • I must be balls blazing lately. Well, I don’t have the patience to dissect arguments in my replies, so I’m often being curt. So, I guess this “strategy” I’m suggesting justifies my own impatience. But, I feel like my patience is justified- like we are at that point- where some impatience is called for.

                    • A lot of impatience is called for… no doubt. The trouble comes when we consider how best to communicate an idea. Communication is the problem more often than we want to know about. You can tell your dog ‘fuck you you lazy fuckwit piece of shit’ but if you communicate this in caring ways, your dog will think all is good. Soon enough your dog will think fuckwit is its name.

                    • I don’t hate any one Christian. I hate Christianity. When the blog goes public, they become Christianity. I try to make that point- that I hate their beliefs – not them.

                    • oh… hold up tonto. I don’t find any room for kindness to stupid people. Hate the sin but love the sinner is false logic… I’ve blogged why this is. Hate is an incredible thing. I save it for the person/thing trying to kill me. I have no respect for religion or theists. Hate is saved for the more deserving of it. Ridicule? LOL, hang out with me for a few beers, even my best friends get that!!

                    • Listen Zoro,
                      I’ve got this worked out. When you consider neuroscience and social conditioning you can hate the beliefs on their own. I don’t see human … Wait, you believe in free will? I’m with Sam Harris on that, and I forget where you stand.

                      I can tell you that I have the two, sin and sinner, in different compartments of my brain. But my brain could be … Unique is the euphemism 🙂

                    • Hope I didn’t get you worked up. I probably use the word hate too loosely. If you do fire back on that, I will probably flake on a reply. My brain shut down an hour ago. Not sure who is typing this.

                    • Here is the thing. Sam says we have no free will, but you choose to be as you are, think as you do, act as you think appropriate. What he proposes is worse than nihilism, for he offers an excuse for not being responsible at all, not just having no reason to be responsible.

                      We do make choices. We do act in isolation. What Sam is suggesting is that any feelings of loneliness or desperation are not our fault, and if we act on those feelings it is not our fault. It is what we are destined to do. He is saying that it is impossible for the impaired to become whole. It is not possible for the sick to be healed… that no intervention of mankind is wholly of their making. His ideas are no more useful to us than the idea that god has a plan for us. His ideas are founded in philosophy and not in how our brain works. Such ideas are attractive when they seem to explain things. The trouble is that his ideas do not explain anything.

                    • Yeah, but I disagree that he’s saying any of those things. There may be holes in his arguments for this interpretation, but I still think we can look at “no free will” as a sophisticated version of “Fuck God”. It is a message that needs to be spread to achieve the end goal of destroying religion.

                      ” His ideas are founded in philosophy and not in how our brain works.”

                      I would say founded in science but expanded on in philosophy.

                      ok, I’m gonna make a suggestion (which hopefully you’ll let me get away with, because you know who is making it) … you’re in love with the idea of free will, and you’re not thinking about it objectively. We need to punch holes in the traditional notion of individual “free will” if we want to see our species care for itself like a whole.”Free will” is a bone that we have been thrown, brotha.

                    • My problem with Sam is that he isn’t using science and how the brain works. I don’t think anyone is applying what we’ve recently learned of the brain to how we think and what free will is. Sam strictly limits what ‘our’ brains do to what we are conscious of. That is, anything we are not conscious of is not ‘us’ and this is wrong on wholesale levels. I agree that before this, the free will issue gives religion a boost. I’m taking it away from them by describing it as a completely physical thing, completely a fact of how our brains work. Further it is not from some external issuance, all mammalian brains have it. From humans to lemurs and all in between.

                      Philosophers are missing the boat on this because they don’t account for how the brain works. They’re trying to put together a very large puzzle and don’t have the box to know what the picture is supposed to look like when they are done. Sam is guilty of this. He all but admits that he’s not concerned with what happens outside of consciousness. He does not address the need to shut the simulation down about once per day. He completely ignores the most blatantly obvious issues of the brain questions to jump to a conclusion that because things happen outside of our conscious view we do not have free will.

                      I’m not in love with ‘free will’ any more than I am in love with gravity. I don’t need free will to explain my world view. My world view includes free will because it is one of the things/truths that make everything make sense. When I’m done with my free will series, if you can explain what I’m banging at without free will I’m all ears.

                    • I agree with more than 95% of what you say. I’m too distracted at the moment by people who are speaking 95% BULLSHIT to debate this with you. I apologize for opening it up between the two of us, because it’s probably not the best use of either our time. Now, if I were knee deep in research on this matter like you, then I would feel like we could be more productive. But, woe is me, I only get to work effectively with the last 2 weeks of my life IF I’M LUCKY 🙂

                    • Well, here is to you finding productivity long before the last two weeks!

                    • Every second the second before the last 2 weeks gets embedded deep into my subconscious where I can no longer intentionally recall it. I’m not exaggerating THAT MUCH.

                      I think its from a traumatic event that happened when I was 18 months old and couldnt see my parents.not good with attachments.

                    • ooh, but please, PLEASE try not to use the phrase/word “worldview”. I hate that fucking word. It’s a stupid quirk like how leftovers make me gag until they are heated. I hear fundamentalists using this word all of the time, like it’s something we can box up, togo and carry around with us.

                    • That sounds like a new post on my list…. lol

                    • Already in the pipe or now that I said that??
                      And is it on stupid, asinine quirks, or “worldview” specifically?

                    • World view and what it means, why people use it.

                    • TO GO BOX!!!!

                    • or fucking pinterest
                      for their beliefs. fuck them.

                    • What, to your knowledge, happened to the disciples of Christ?

                    • I’m not bothering to reply to this guy. He makes several basic mistakes. Men and women died for weapons of mass distruction, to protect the glorious leader of NK, and so on. People die for lies on a regular basis. He is claiming the disciples knew the truth but all of Jerusalem witnessed the zombies and not one person mentioned it. You would think, using his logic, that the entire city would be Christian after that but they weren’t. Option 3 is the right one. He uses evidence from 116-ish c.e. – well after the books of the bible were written. What happened to the disciples is neither here nor there. Do you care what happened to the disciples of the branch davidians? Would you think them sane? All these presuppositions he makes do seem to build a case, but ultimately without them he has nothing but wishful thinking. Wishful thinking that confirms his own bias.

                    • Oh, I agree, I didn’t want you to respond, but I was wondering if you new the historical accuracy of the stoning of disciples, etc. Obviously, a violent effect, however emotional, does not prove the validity of a cause.

                    • Hey, dude, is my page slow to open for you? If so, please see if this is better

                    • I have a machine at work with chrome on it that really has issues on your page, I’ll try this there on Monday

          • That was a tangent that I feel strongly about

    • gedwardsmith
    • April 1st, 2013

    I’m surrounded by liars.

    • And you should feel different from the rest of us because…. why?

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