This…. THIS is why I can’t find the time to read the Koran or any Islamic texts. I’m way too busy to wade through thousands of pages of this kind of shit. GAH, just outlaw it now as hate speech.

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‘Thighing ‘is a practice in Islamic Countries, which is practiced even today.

I have referred some sources and this is what I found.

As to my comments.  NA- (Not Applicable).


What does thighing mean, and does Islam allow it?
I am a Muslim and I didnt know about this until about a few weeks ago. If any muslims or anybody can help me that will be great.
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  • M SM S
    salam alikum
    false accusations from anti-Islam sites
    • 3 days ago
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  • Pope Dogstar IPope Dogstar I
    “A man can quench his sexual lusts with a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. Sodomizing the baby is halal (allowed by sharia). If the man penetrates and damages the child, then he should…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog..

    • No problem. I like your blog.

      • Thank you,Regards

    • J_Agathokles
    • March 29th, 2013

    I actually own a Qor’ān, with the Dutch translation next to the Arabic original (not that I can read Arabic), but I never really got very far. But at best I can still search for verses that people quote if necessary.

    • I might have to do that… but it’s a steaming pile of bigotry… gah

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