This Little Spaceship

There have been many words written about Marx and his ideas. Many think he was wrong. The 99 probably do not.

I wonder if those that find him wrong would think the same if they were one of the people on a spaceship, where it is clear that the wealth and health of each person is directly related to the health and wealth of all the other people on board. It seems clear that food should be shared, wealth should be shared and Marx’ ideas suddenly seem to be more of a fair shake of the ‘stick’. Imagine watching someone on board starve to death while you have extra food. Imagine watching someone die of a preventable disease while  you have the medicine in your possession.

Life seems to be more even, more flatly assessed when it is all in your face on that little spaceship, and that seems right enough.

Earthrise – Spaceship Earth

This planet is moving through space at more than 65,000 mph. It has limited resources. There is only so much clean potable water. The climate has no thermostat, but it can be affected. There is only so much food available at any given moment. There is no captain of this spaceship Earth, but it is a spaceship.

It is a spaceship under mutinous chaos. It is up to the people on board to work together to ensure that all survive. Without cooperation we will all die!

  1. A fascinating approach.

    I fear that ultimately the world is too big a place for the average person to conceptualize it quite like this. Which is definitely a shame.

    Another point: it’s always a numbers game for me. Obviously, we should seek to reduce suffering and achieve maximal welfare. As with any goal, the best set of policies and actions is the one which has the greatest statistical probability of advancing the goal in actual practice. That’s where the theory of little spaceship and big spaceship may be the same, but practice may be very different.

    • I didn’t say it was or would be easy, only suggesting that it should be done. People will not begin to think of the planet as a spaceship without us talking about it that way.

    • Ahh, man, it sure would be nice if some aliens came & lent us a hand.

      • Cold fusion plz?

        • not before I sell all of my girlfriend’s gold!!!!!!

  2. we are all headed there unless there is a significant change on how we treat our brothers and how we treat our environment.

    • I believe you are right. This space ship needs some maintenance work.

  3. Wow. I rrrrreally like this post.
    I don’t care for the word “really,” but it’s 5:30 and I’m only awake because dogs were scratching

    • Thanks. I think modern technology has created a spaceship out of this planet… or enough that all the same rules apply.

    • J
    • March 29th, 2013

    Great post but I fear it may be too late to save large populations on our planet. Corporations and politicians have done too much damage through their selfishness. And they know it and they don’t care.

    • I won’t opine on which parts are lost or which can be salvaged. I see Nagasaki and Chernobyl and I believe that with effort it can all be saved. Life has a way of coping with disaster.

  4. I love this.

    • Thanks john.

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