Flashing lights, human’s way of saying ‘hold up, I got this.

That’s effing awesome – necessity, the mother of invention. Fear, that niggly little things that tells you what is necessary. Lions, the universe’s way of telling you to innovate or die. Flashing lights, human’s way of saying ‘hold up, I got this.


This is evidence that even the uneducated, untrained brain of a child living rough in the wild can recognize patterns and turn them into solutions to problems. It’s not just stoppable thumbs, no matter how handy they are, it’s the ability to find patterns and model a universe in your head where that pattern could solve a problem. The trick to using tools is seeing the patterns in a modeled universe in the simulation in your head where a pattern turns to a tool turns to a solution. The human brain has not changed much in tens of thousands of years. When we met Neanderthals I’ll bet we were just as capable and only lacked education and a large library of information to share.

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  1. I hope you have taken your meds before I’m showing you this http://anirenicon.com/2013/03/28/5-reasons-why-atheism-should-be-illegal/

    • I grabbed a beer, going for #2, new post coming up… meh

      • hey i should warn you that the christian is JOKING

        • Yeah, it sounded like a poe

      • dont want you to skim it

  2. I meant for this comment to land on your blog, but somehow it ended up on the article you reblogged.

    It is pretty awesome. Your blog is quickly becoming my favorite.

    • Thank you so much. That means a lot.

      • You are welcome.

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