Sometimes you see a turn of phrase that is brilliant. The Pink Agendist has a knack for it, like this gem: Cultural note: A pijo is a middle class person who tries desperately to appear upper class. This generally requires a full Ralph Lauren wardrobe, gucci loafers and sweaters draped around the shoulders, apart from wristwatches that are comparable in size to tumours on Discovery Channel documentaries. Check out his blog.

  1. Does he have a funny word for rich snots?

    • Yes, he used a Spanish one in that post

      • I caught the word “pijo”. He sounds like he is having a laugh at the rich wannabees who aren’t as rich as him, while “humbly” flaunting his own wealth. Did I miss something or is the humor just lost on me?

        • If you read his blog, he is not snobby at all, and is poking fun of people’s fascination with money and material stuff.

          • I will have to read more of his work. There was a guy on Fetlife making fun of Twitter Doms in one of his posts. His serious poker face led some to believe that he is a Twitter Dom and they missed the parody aspect of the post. Maybe this is a similar situation.

            • I think so. He does not say snobby things generally and is a good writer. I enjoy reading his blog.

              • Have you seen this documentary…Born Rich.

                It is absolutely fascinating, not so much to marvel at the wealth of others, but to pear into their minds and how it shapes their views and values. My favorite is the Vanderbilt kid, Josiah Hornblower. He seems the most grounded and real out of the lot. I watched this a few years back, but I am going to watch it again today. I can’t recommend it enough.

                • FF to the 22 minute mark. Fascinating.

                  • It picks up again at the 29 minute mark. That kid has learned wisdom in his early years, in spite of his wealth.

  2. Was a funny post. His about page is equally as funny.

    • I really enjoy his writing.

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