Fuck Tomorrow!

In the breach of a tremendous storm,
do the blades of grass complain?
Do the grains of sand on a beach complain
that the waves are too small?

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Typhoon_in_Hong_Kong.jpgTake a breath. Was it a perfect breath?
Did it do what it was supposed to do?
What would you have done without that breath?
Would your life be happier?
What if you could have taken two breaths in that time?
Would your life have been more fulfilling?
Do you regret not taking three breaths?

We often want to unring the bell,
but it is our hell to have not truly listened
to the bell when it was ringing.

We long for the siren sound of sitting still
while we are too busy making noises
in earnest preparation to hear it.

If tomorrow never comes,
it does not deserve my company.

  1. This is a departure for you, no?

    • Actually, no. It’s just something different on this blog for me.

      • I had a feeling just as I hit “post comment”
        I like.

        • I don’t put poetry on this site, or not so far. I might put more. I’ve always written. If it made you think in some way, that’s good.

  2. Lovely and sad. Fuck tomorrow is right! It will all work out. That’s my general philosophy and it’s served me well. Life has a funny way of working itself out if you just allow for it to do so. No, this isn’t a “Jesus, take the wheel” kind of a thing, just being an optimist.

    • Funny, all those folks that think Jesus took the wheel were just taking a break from thinking. Life does what it does. More often than not, it knows what it’s doing. Thanks for commenting. 😉

  3. If tomorrow never comes, it does not deserve my company.

    If tomorrow never comes you will not miss it!

    • Also true, but doesn’t say quite the same thing.

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