Shhh … Don’t Tell Anyone

Today I ran across a post by CriticOfChristianity about choice. I think they’ve said something that is quite profound. It’s not necessarily that they’ve said something that has never been said before, but the way they’ve said it gives huge punch!

“Honestly, being an atheist has actually been a massive inconvenience to me. … I would not choose this for myself. I never wanted it. I just wanted truth.”

Imagine this, if you will, theists blaming atheists for just wanting to be evil or not obey and the atheist is thinking “WTF, I didn’t ask for this!” I didn’t want the world to work out this way. Why are you going to diss on me just because I sought truth and it leads to non-belief? Why?

And the better question is “what will it take for believers to seek truth on their own?” What will it take for them to begin to investigate the facts of what they believe and to learn about and understand what the non-believer knows?

I know, right. It’s a lot of questions. We should ask them more often.


    • criticofchristianity
    • March 18th, 2013

    Thanks for the link 🙂

    • Not a problem, thanks for the meme 😉

  1. I LOVE Human Beings. I crave attention, validation & appreciation just like anyone else. Maybe more than most. Some might even call me attention-starved. But, my hatred, or allergy, to this “culture” which grows on this planet like a fungus is too great, and I will die, miserable, homeless & alone if I have to in trying to eradicate it.

    • It is indeed a bad thing. Education is the strongest anti-fungal treatment known. In fact, if they educate themselves about their own book, it is often enough to stop the fungus growing in that spot.

  2. Education. Education. Education. If it’s too late for that, death by natural causes is a great cure for stupid.

    • LOL, you can’t cure stupid! You _can_ educate the delusional.

      Sorry, obligatory Ron White reference.

  3. Believers of ANYTHING, don’t care about what others believe. They don’t question their own beliefs. The want everyone else to believe what they believe because to them, it’s the only thing that’s true or real. They won’t question what they believe because what if they find answers they don’t like and besides, there isn’t really anything to question because everything they believe is true. Not gonna happen. People cannot seem to understand that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we know and believe was MADE UP BY SOMEONE ELSE and force fed to the generations that followed. None of it is real, it’s pretend, someone’s idea. People believe that suicide is a sin but they don’t believe that the Catholic church made suicide a sin because so many people were killing themselves to escape from their horrible lives. They couldn’t get money from dead people so they made suicide a sin. But now people believe that god said that suicide was a sin. Everything is like that. I don’t really care what other people believe, as long as they keep it away from me, but to me all of this is just silly. People made it up. And people are still making it up. Racism, sexism, all the isms are the same thing. People were taught to believe certain things, even if those things have nothing at all to do with reality. Their belief is strong enough, handed down through generations, that they are willing to kill for those made up hateful beliefs. Never questioning whether or not anything they believe is actually true. LOL Whatever, I guess.

    • Ramen!

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