God Created The Universe!

Lets pretend for a minute that this statement is true. Sure we can do that, let’s try.

Okay, some god or other created the universe and all that is in it. Now what? What difference does it make whether the universe was created or simply exists as a result of the singularity? How does creation change your every day life? Does this knowledge make your cell phone work better? Does it make your car get more miles per gallon? Does it mean your car keys never get lost? Does it mean that storms won’t destroy your state? What exactly does this knowledge do for you?

It doesn’t prove that your idea of god is true. It does not mean we can test for and know the presence of your god or any god. It doesn’t mean that you worship the right god or even a real god. It doesn’t mean any of the things that theists think it means.

It does mean that if you believe this you won’t look for where the universe really came from. It does mean that when you are given power you will 0ppose anyone or anything that does not believe as you do. It does mean that you will be wrong and not care. It does mean that you’ll build philosophy on this idea and simply accept the premise is right without questioning it. It does mean that you’ll justify your actions in accordance with this belief.

Without proof of a god, there is no credible reason to think a god created the universe. Without several universes to examine, there is no way to know that this universe was created by anyone.

Thinking the universe and all inside it were created by a being is the most caustic thing you can do in this respect. It prevents you from being all you can be, and you prevent your society from being all it can be, and all just so you can feel warm and fuzzy about why the universe exists except that no matter how many times you say god did it, you still don’t know WHY the universe exists. The only thing that belief in a creator god does is cause pain and strife among our species. It brings no answers, solves no problems, explains nothing we know of the universe.

  1. i agree with you completely. positing a god as the creator of the universe begs many questions that it answers.

    • Adding more questions is not an answer. The creation stories seldom ever explain why it is that the creator created the universe. Only that it was created. Some believe it is for us to live in, but that in itself does nothing to explain why. There are no answers for why there is existence.

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