The Atheist Diet

Actually there is no atheist diet that I know of. Perhaps that title was a bit misleading. As much as I loathe the term ‘atheist community’ or ‘atheist movement’ I’m going to ask atheists and non-believers to do something.

Do you know what it entails to starve to death? I didn’t think so. It’s really unpleasant. I mean REALLY unpleasant. While you are reading this, there will be dozens of people on this planet who starve to death. It is estimated that 85% of them are children. The next Vivaldi or Einstein is hungry right now.

I Don’t Give A Damn

Yeah, I understand that. It’s not like you can make sandwiches for all of them or anything like that. The problem is more than you alone can handle. That is the real problem. Being kind to another human being is something you do in person and these starving people are way over there somewhere. Yes, that is how it works out. People who are not starving to death are rarely ever surrounded by people who are.

It’s pretty difficult to interrupt your day to care about people you’ll never see or talk to. I know this, you know this, everyone knows this. That is just how life is. Even those self pious religionists will say the same. They’ll pretend to care but they will still be all about going out to eat some special pasta dish or whatever. Even they don’t care about the people that are starving to death as you read this. Nobody with food gives a damn about people who don’t have food. That is kind of what the problem is. Nobody seems to appreciate the value of that $1 burger menu.

What Can I Do?

I am really glad that you just asked that question. It shows that you care and that perhaps you are human after all. There is no animal on this planet who will not be your friend if you feed them when they are in dire need of food. That is universal. There is no greater act of kindness than to feed another when they are in need.

In the “western world” we tend to throw away enough food in scraps every day to have fed all the starving people that day. That is to say that all the scraps and food which was cooked but not eaten would feed the starving people of the world. There is an imbalance. No, you are not expected to change the world and fix that. I can’t do it, you can’t do it… it just is how things are. What can you do about it?

Actually the answer is simpler than you might think. Each day many of us buy food at convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and so forth. We spend a certain amount of money on food every day. If you could take just 10% of that and give that food to starving people it would make immeasurable change to the world. The trouble is that you can’t just save back 5 chips from the bag as a way to help out. No, the assistance has to be transferable to distant lands. That generally means money.

No, this is not a plea to send money, so what the hell is it then? Now we get back to the diet part. In the western world we eat much  more than we need. So here is the deal. I do this myself. Once week per year, one week per quarter, one day per week or whatever suits you, restrict your calories to 1000 per day or some value that is suitable. Take the other calories and the money you would have spent on them and save it up. Say that ends up being 5 burgers a month. That’s $15 per month that you didn’t need and can do without. Now take that money and give it to organizations who are trying to feed starving people. It’s that simple. No, really, it’s that simple. Take food off your table and out of your mouth and give it to people who are starving to death.

Why Should I Help?

If you want and like to call yourself human there is no greater charity that you can do than to feed someone who is starving. Yes, I mean that. Take a sandwich off your plate and hand it to someone who is starving. It’s that simple. Not ever meal, not every day, but a couple of times per year… do it. You might be hungry for a bit, maybe even grumpy. One thing that you won’t be is starving to death. A small sacrifice on your part could mean and probably will mean the difference between life and death for some other human. It is the human thing to do.

Why Me?

If not you, then who? Who will feed these people? Who will care for them and show them the very same compassion that you wish to feel? You skip a meal, they live another day. Seems like some serious ROI doesn’t it? It is. You skip a burger and someone lives another week. Can you really tell me that you don’t have the time or resources for that? It’s too much bother?

Well, Fuck. How Do I Do This Then?

First, figure out what you can save up or spare. It doesn’t have to be much of anything, just something. One dollar, ten, maybe 200. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that  you are taking food off your table and giving it to starving people. So take the money you did not spend on food and send it to a charity which feeds people. I like  but you can donate to the charity of your choice. All I’m saying is that this small dietary change can change the world… one sandwich at a time.

Try it for just one day or one week. The restrictions on calorie intake won’t be bad for you and it will save another human being. There is no more human of a thing to do than to save another human being. This is your chance.

You can say no, it’s too much trouble. That is easy to do. You can walk away from a restaurant with food on the plates still and not think anything of the starving people in the world. I’m simply asking you to think of them. Just for one week per year. If 1 billion people gave 10 dollars per year that would be 10 billion dollars per year for sustainable food resources for starving populations. That’s right, your simple 10 dollars can be that much of a difference.

I know this is like e-begging kind of. If you think I’m wrong, please comment. If you agree… tell us what week of the year you will restrict your diet to help starving humans survive for one more sunrise. This IS what it means to be human.


  1. Psst. New blog. See the link listed below. If you would like to join me, that is. 😉


  2. I never thought I would see an atheist both truly describe what a tithe should really be, and then advocate it! But you are right – if everybody did this, it would make a difference.

    • Except that a tithe is given to the church, I suggesting that we give directly to the poor and those that need food. Tithes are to the church – A tenth part of one’s annual income contributed voluntarily or due as a tax, especially for the support of the clergy or church. I would never suggest tithing.

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