And another one. Can we just get rid of Abrahamic religions already?

  1. This man is fucking insane. I mean, clinically insane

    • Technically, I think it’s a job requirement? Right? I mean, transparency in church leadership does mean crotchless panties in boys size 8 … right?

      • Sweet Odin in Asgard i’d never seen this nutter before. Is he in jail now, or is that a stupid question?

        • Posted: 03/14/2013
          Last Updated: 4 hours ago

          INDIANAPOLIS – The former pastor of a northwestern Indiana mega church awaiting sentencing for a sexual relationship with an underage parishioner allegedly told the girl Jesus Christ approved of their tryst.

          Federal prosecutors included letters former First Baptist Church pastor Jack Schaap wrote to his victim in their sentencing memorandum filed Wednesday in federal court in Hammond.

          The Times of Munster reported that Schaap, 55, wrote in the one letter to the then-16-year-old girl that their relationship “is exactly what Christ desires for us.”

          Schaap was fired by the 15,000-member Hammond church in July and later pleaded guilty to taking a minor across state lines with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. He had led the church since 2001.

          He’s scheduled to be sentenced Thursday morning and is seeking the minimum 10-year sentence under his conviction.

          Schaap previously told a judge that he didn’t realize at the time that his relationship with the girl was illegal.

          • Great! Now he can play Mamma and Papa in jail… He’ll be Mamma, and 300 pound Bubba will play Papa.

            • That’s one down…. thousands to go

  2. He’s fucking nuts!

    • And how long did he keep his job? I think that it is terribly difficult to tell the difference between an honest believer and a certifiable nut job – which is probably why being a cleric seems to be the number one choice of vocations for nut jobs.

  3. I think in every honest believer there’s a certifiable nut job just waiting to get out. Their scriptures are full of batshit crazy, so much so that there are precedents aplenty that religious nut jobs will use to justify behaviours that in the cold light of day are viewed to be morally deficient.

    • Wow, you used that phrase ‘morally deficient’ – I don’t know that I would be so kind, ever!

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