Is Atheism A Religion?

The answer is no, simple fact. Why is the question asked? Why do theists assert that non-belief is a religion?

The theist, to justify their world view, must needs assert that all things are religious in nature, and that nature itself is of religious origin. Without such assertion their world view is both without credibility AND without purpose, thus denying them any of the answers they so desperately want. They don’t get satisfying answers from religion but they are answers and that, to them, is better than no, none, nil as an answer. To keep those answers they have they twist and turn and lie to get the questions and evidence to fit their answers.

That is to say that the only thing that keeps theists from sinking into a deep dark pit of nihilistic existentialist depression is having an imaginary friend in the sky who watches all they do and ignores their pleas for help.

The only truly significant things produced by religion have been war, death, and oppression of various peoples throughout history. They get to own that all by themselves. Nobody says I’m going to crash a plane into a building, or murder millions because I don’t believe in a god of any kind. To be that kind of crazy takes belief in a god. Atheism is not a religion.

  1. You had me at “The answer is no” 🙂

    • LOL, well, every good post starts with a summary

  2. I think we are going to have to say this in different dialects since it appears the English speaking public seem unable to comprehend the simple definition of a lack of belief

    • Yeah, now we should say it with a Argentinian doing an Italian accent? No? How do you say gay sex if you are in Argentina?

  3. Atheism is simply non-belief. It has no doctrine or dogma, no rules or edicts, it is simply non-belief. Atheists are not carbon copies, every atheist is different. That is what makes it so hard to get them together united behind any specific goal. On the other hand, sheep all look alike.

    • Oh, there’s always one in every group. Someone that just has to be polite AND a smartass! LOL

  4. I’m with John Zande. You had me at no 😉 Excellent post.

    • Thanks…

  5. And this is one of the reasons why at times I don’t like to identify myself as an atheist, because people have a tendacy to assume too much about what I believe or not believe when I say atheist.

    And really no other term has the proper definition of lack belief, like atheist, so I really i am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Using the proper terminology or keep using the word, and spend half my time correcting mis perceptions.

    • Your particular predicament is why I started this blog. Education is the pre-eminant way to change things in society. I see changes happening and I hope that your situation gets better soon. I empathize with the situation that you are in. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

      • I would say it is getting better, but there are some days that seem like it is not. Like for instance this weekend, we are having a small party for my wife for her birthday and inviting a few friends. All christian, (most very fundamental) and two of them are pastors.

        So we’ll see how this goes. Fortunatley only a two or three of them know about my deconversion

        • I will think of you this weekend. I hope that it is not a bad situation for you. That does not sound like a good time… lots of friendly fire possibilities.

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