How Long Will It Take

Much of what I see on blogs and the ‘interweb tubes’ is people trying to explain that non-belief does not mean belief in some other god or the devil, that non-belief is simply non-belief.

It distresses me that even now as the ‘nones’ grows in numbers we still have to explain over and over again that we are the same people that you knew yesterday but today we admit that we do not believe in gods.

It worries me that theists cannot accept that there are those that do not believe in their imaginary friend. It worries me that these same people are voting and deciding what laws should be enacted to protect various groups in our society. It worries me that there are still those who are afraid even to admit they do not believe because the threat of backlash is completely real in their lives. It worries me that such self proclaimed moral people can be so immoral and think that it is okay to oppress others. It worries me that so many benign people think that they are moral too. It worries me that governments give these people the ‘right of way’ in the public sphere.

It worries me that the catholic church can hide away all the paedophile priests who are not being prosecuted. It worries me that the election of another head kiddy fiddler is the main news instead of the atrocities that the same church has propagated on the world.

There are many reasons that I worry. A lot of them are because of religion. Religion does not alleviate my fears or worries, it exacerbates them. Well meaning believers continue to prop up and support the most vile creatures on the planet simply because these people claim to be moral.

I am disgusted by the vulnerability of societies across the globe to these hate mongers and villainous people. It bothers me that so many are worried about their own special interest group and not equality for all.

There is a ton of shit that bothers me. No, I mean it. Religion, and here I mean the Abrahamic religions have been abusing society on a global scale for thousands of years. It is time that we said no. No more of their cult-ish bullshit. No more of their abuses. No more of their oppression. No more of their special kind of love reserved only for those that believe as they do.

Fuck the pope. Fuck the pastor. Fuck the Rabbi. Fuck the Imam. All of them are engaged only to oppress those that do not believe as they do. Fuck them all. They do not have the right to do as they do. It is time they stop. How long will it take for society to push them in the corner and under the rug where they can do no more harm? How long?



  1. I like this rant and these issues bother me too!
    How it is difficult to understand Atheism is non-belief I can’t wrap around my head!

    • Thanks, tonight I just seem in the rant mode. Maybe it is the sinusitis… don’t know. Maybe it is just that theists irritate me LOL

      • Why do i think it must be both

        • LOL, I’ll go with both.. .I’m not good with antibiotics… go figure

  2. You said the f word. I think it’s important that people learn that a pacifist can be inclined to drop an f bomb.

    Ooh. Post idea.

    • LOL. F-word? Do you mean Francis?

      • Hey, any thoughts on this?
        Something I’m working on

        • I don’t think I understand the concept. What is it for?

          • You know how it can sometimes be difficult to get people to defend their audacious posts? Sometimes they won’t even approve criticisms on their blogs. Well, this is a way to motivate them — call them out.

            • ohhhh, interesting

    • J_Agathokles
    • March 14th, 2013

    Verily Christianity and Islām are the greatest scurge upon this Earth in the entire life of our planet.

    • here here, Ramen!

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