Why yes, religion is the greatest force for evil in modern society… bar none. It takes ordinary people and turns them into monsters. They do not fear the law of the land because the proport to honor a higher law, and they become a law unto themselves. The book of Satan has 66 books and two main sections. The trouble is that most theists call their Satan by the name God, and anything done in the name of ‘God’ is moral to them. Ordinary people do not commit evil acts. Either their ‘God’ makes them evil or they are theists because they are not sanely balanced.

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I read a distressing appeal in the REDDIT outlining the abuse children undergo in a Religious school.

Physical abuse has been intolerable and  the children are sent there by the US courts!

Please do your bit.

Appeal in REDDIT.

If a “boarding school” in Montana says they are religious, there is no regulation on them whatsoever. They can do whatever they want to children, including physical abuse, and there is nothing the state can do. I use the term boarding school loosely, this applies to anyone who wants to set up a cabin in the middle of the woods and take in children for profit. All they have to do is say they are religious and the authorities can’t touch them.

No matter where you live, this effects you. Kids are sent to Montana facilities from all over the US by courts, schools, therapists and their families. Kids from Russia, China…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog.
    While not holding s brief for the ills committed in the name of Religion,non believers are not blemish-less and Angels.
    While one hides behind Religion the other does not seem to.

    • This is a distinction worth making more than once. Honesty is one of those commandments. Blaming your actions on the devil when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar is breaking one of those ten commandments. Even just claiming that you’re a failed human is doing so because you are refusing to own your own actions.

  2. Correct.
    You are responsible for your actions and you can not pass the buck

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