Random Things – Celebrate Diversity #1

I cannot tell you how much each atheist could be different from the next but I can give you some idea. When comparing two atheists you have to remember that the only thing they are guaranteed to have in common is a lack of belief in gods or the supernatural. Anything else goes. What fallows is a lot like that – the only thing they are guaranteed to  have in common is that I found them on the Internet. Here we go… wheeeeeeee!

Did you  know there is an International Sand Collectors Society?



If that was too much like go pound sand, fuck santa claus



Yes, it was supposed to make that much sense. Please reread paragraph labelled  A)

  1. I’m tipsy and I’m not sure what you are saying here other than I can hear you cat calling.

    • You got it in one. The real meaning of this post can only be ascertained through careful self examination and thoughtful questioning of intent.

      • My intentions? Towards whom?

        • It’s not supposed to make sense. It makes no sense to think that any two atheists have more in common than the fact that they do not believe in gods. Too many people think they all believe in the same things or that atheism is a religion too. Such statements make no sense and that is what this post is about.

          • Gotcha. I know a few Atheists and all of you are your own men. I only know male atheists or maybe the female atheists I know don’t speak up. I wonder where I fit into the grand scheme being that I believe in God, but not in a way the world religions depict “Him”. God is not a him.

            I am digging in your past. My fingers are skipping back to July of 2011, when you first started your blog. That is when I started on my path with submission.

            • This might help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectrum_of_theistic_probability

              Interesting that we both started a new journey at around that time 🙂

              • Is that when you became an atheist?

                I remember the month I became a libertarian. It was November of 2011, about five or six months after I started on my journey with submission.

                • I los the fear of gods long, long ago. I became deist. After more searching, I said I was spiritual. Then for a long time I didn’t care or said I was agnostic. 9/11 was a watershed for many, and it woke me up to think about it more, so I found atheist best described me. At this time I still thought I was alone in the world in my views. Then I found material from the four horsemen and discovered I was not alone, that there are others. I read and listened to as much as I could and found that anti-theism best described my world view. Since then I’ve started a blog and added more labels that describe my world view: monist, mechanical atheist, materialist, equalist, nihilist and having accepted these labels as descriptors of my world view I have come to understand that the label that fits me best is “I am that I am”; I exist.

                  • How would you describe me? Just curious.

                    • Probably deist or spiritual, but free of much of the dogma of monotheistic demeanor

                    • I like spiritual, but so many choose that title and they are not the least bit spiritual. There is nothing wrong with that, but they are afraid to say, “I don’t know what I believe or I don’t believe in anything.” so they believe in ‘something’, just in case. It’s bullshit, if you ask me.

                    • That is pretty strong agnostic territory you have there. I think it’s bullshit too.

                    • Define agnostic for me please. Yes, I can look it up, but it seems as if I have done that and I am still not ascertaining a clear meaning. How does one be an agnostic atheist?

                    • you don’t believe in gods, but can’t say that there is not a god. You believe it’s not possible to know even though you strongly don’t believe the evidence presented so far.

                    • Someone suggested that my experience with God (the “face to face” one) was a schizophrenic episode and that I am possibly an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

                    • Diagnosing schizophrenia takes more than a description of one experience. Much more.

                    • I am skeptical of much of the Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatry as a whole. Look how wrong they are about sadomasochism. Besides, I like some of my quirks. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to disassociate during impact play? I live for it. You never did answer my question about gas masks. Is playing with a gas mask while alone a bad idea?

                    • Oh no, not bad, but breath play while alone _can_ be dangerous. I understand disassociation, there are a number of things that our brains can do which have the ability to induce a high that is stronger and safer than what opiates can induce. Transcendental meditation and the self induced hysteria that evangelicals call ‘feeling the holy spirit’ are but two examples of this. Humans have been doing it for thousands of years under different names and for different purposes. BDSM gives many people the opportunity to do this and enjoy it in ways that are not otherwise available. You’re right, too many professionals are not up to date and seem stuck in the 70s as to how they care or treat patients.

                    • The first time we played I exited out of my head and shot off into the cosmos. Literally. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life and I want to feel it again.

                    • I have helped people get that kind of experience. It is a wonder of our brains. I hope that you do get to experience it again… and again. I’m happy that you have even once for it is this that makes us unique among each other, and the ability to experience it is part of what we are. I believe that it was Carl Sagan who said something like human consciousness is the universe’s way of knowing itself, we _are_ stardust. Nothing could be more beautiful than that if you ask me.

                    • I agree completely. We are all but made of stars. The mind is an incredible thing. What should stop it from exploring the cosmos and if BDSM brings one there, then so be it. When I found BDSM I felt like I was coming home. I hope I get to experience it again. It was a wild first time.

                    • I cannot describe the loneliness I have felt in years gone by, being of the BDSM understanding and non-believer. I completely understand the feeling of coming home.

                    • I don’t know that being a “believer” and into BDSM changes that feeling of loneliness. I have always felt that if you wanted to know “God” then all you need is yourself. Look inward and you will find God. That is where “He” (for lack of a better word) resides (IMO). Finding BDSM has helped me to realize that others can in fact help you to find God too, just not in the way the churches and preachers would have you believe.

                    • http://www.webmd.com/schizophrenia/guide/schizophrenia-tests

                      That person would also have to say that perhaps Saul of Tarsus, or Mohammed, or Moses are possibly undiagnosed schizophrenics.

                    • That has been the suggestion. That all of the religious visions and what-not are possibly attributed to schizophrenia. I mean, if you hooked me up to a lie detector test (not that you can trust those things 100% of the time) and asked me if I have experienced “God” one on one, I would say yes and I would pass. Not that any of it matters. I draw a sense of well being from my experiences. I would not be as happy in a world where I was positive God did not exist. I am not sure why that is, but it’s true. I went a number of years not believing in God. They were hard years, although fun years too.

                    • The characters of monotheism are suspected by some of various maladies, schizophrenia being one of them. Epilepsy for others and so on. I am firm in what I believe but am open to new evidence and I only push against what I see as harmful to society as a whole. This is the only life we get and it’s only true value can be boiled down to experiences. They are the gold that we actually trade in. It is not my place to tell others how to think or what to experience but I do get vocal when others try to tell me what to think and what to experience. The big three monotheistic religions are guilty and so I push back at them. Personal beliefs, meh. We each have our own and I find many of them interesting when expressed as independent and personal experience rather than something the other person feels that I must also experience. This is, I feel, where true value and meaning is found in human life. Experience.

                    • Kind if ironic, no? A firm atheist and a firm believer finding middle ground.

                    • No, not ironic at all. For it is the way that it is meant to be. Only when we are ruled by dogma and doctrine do we lose our individuality and when we seek to gain it we find that it is individuality and difference that we most value in others as well. What is ironic is that those who seek to destroy individuality are most annoyed when it persists.

                    • You know what’s funny. Some of the most “religious” people I know deny my experiences to me as blasphemy or the work of the devil or some other ridiculousness. How could I experience “God” when they have not? I can’t talk to people like that. I just let it go. I am not out to convince anyone of anything and I certainly don’t need them to validate my own experiences to myself. The irony is that an atheist would be more accepting of what I say is true for me than people who want to shove the bible down my throat.

                    • Religious belief is control. Individuality demands it of all that is around it, accepts it, revels in it, and sees it as the meaning of this existence. I cannot condemn another for what I value so much. I cannot deny the beauty of a leopard on the hunt any more than I can the wonder of a butterfly feeding. I find no irony in my acceptance of another’s experience. None at all.

                    • Thank you for accepting mine to the degree that you do. Not everyone is so giving and that is the truth. People are steadfast in their beliefs. My beliefs allow for more than one way. I have thought more than once that my experiences would have had me burned alive at a stake had they happened in another time and place.

                    • Yes, religion has been very intolerant over time. Sad too. People are just people, religion can’t make them better people. I hope you find more accepting people in life.

                    • It’s ok. I don’t mind if people don’t accept my experiences. They are a little out of the ordinary. It bothers me the most when people think I am lying. As if I would make up something like that. But who can blame them? People are boxed in by the breadth of their own experiences. That’s where the real hypocrisy stems from. I’m supposed to accept everything someone else believes because a book tells them it is true, but they don’t want to believe what I have seen with my own eyes. Oh well .

                    • That pretty much sums up religions…. sigh

                    • I am headed to bed. I just read the most erotic story and now it is time to snuggle up with my teddy bear (gorilla) and dream sweat dreams of Dominance. Good night. The conversation was most pleasurable, as always.

                    • Thank you. I too enjoyed it. Sweet dreams

                    • I can’t remember my dreams from last night, but I had a wonderful nap (was it yesterday?). I love to sleep. Even when I am not depressed, I love sleeping. My dreams are so vivid and I feel free.

                    • lol, I have at times gone back to sleep to see if I couldn’t keep the dream I was having going. I like dreams too.

  2. No two atheists are alike, just as no two Doms are alike. No two atheist identifying Dominants are alike either. Did I miss anything?

    • Again, you got it in one.

      • Good.

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