On a Friday, we all need a bit of solid “grin and bear it” advice… here’s some for you

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Dear Charles,

I’ve been married to my wife, Sheila, for 25 years. We love each other very much, but for the last year or so, something’s felt a bit off. How can we reignite the passion?


Los Angelino Seeking Passion


Passion’s not some candle flickering on the glossy table at a cocktail joint. There’s no monogrammed matchbook you can cradle in your calloused hands to re-ignite passion. There’s no sorbet spoon you can shine until you give a shit.

Dogs have passion. The drunks at the end of the sticky bar, kneeling on old gum and stale beer looking for the buck they dropped, that buck that gets them one more swig of whiskey, they are the ones with passion.

This Sheila?

Do Sheila’s round tits make your tongue wag like a Doberman? Do her muffled grunts flood your gut like a starlit symphony?

I think you have…

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