Random Things – Current Playlist 5 March 2013

I cannot describe this music – just listen…. wheeeeeee


  1. Incredibly cool song. The lyrics are…interesting.

    • Yeah, I KNOW… it’s awesome. Just found them tonight via another blog… wehhhhhhheeeeeeeee

      • The music is soothing and sexy. I like playing to music by Tool.

        I’m flipping exhausted…how are you?

        • That is awesome, because I thought this band sounds like Tool would if they were unplugged on open mic night… I’m doing good. Trying to not work so much … been sprinting with work for months now

          • I have given up sprinting and am trying to adhere to “slow and steady”. Meaning I am trying to be more consistent every day than I have in the recent past. I’m calling them “Good Girl Days” and it has been helping.

            Don’t forget to slow down and smell a rose or two. 😉

            • You don’t know me and my philosophy on life yet. What you are trying to do I have been doing for years. In the midst of chaos I will stop to watch a gecko hunting for food or a flower blowing in the wind. Every moment is precious, it is an experience that I will never get to do over. It is the only value to this life – to understand that experience is all we get. Every moment is technicolor and recorded. Even the fast paced sprinting ones… The trick, as I see it, is to experience faster than life expires. Stay two steps ahead of the langoliers.

              • These guys?

                I do have those moments too. I am constantly shocked and awed by the beauty of life. This depression gets the best of me and I forget how precious life really is or I just don’t care.

                I remember the joy of sprinting too. I will feel that again, but right now I just need to stay in the game. Slow and steady.

                • Do what you need to do.. that’s what we all do. It’s good to know you are doing well.

          • I have to lie down now. I can’t keep my eyes open. I’ve missed you.

            • And I have missed you… in ways that you have not yet thought about … no, not like a naught priest

              • Does that mean you don’t want to molest me? 😉

                • Well, I never said THAT…. I just meant I missed you in other ways… you’re like one of the flowers you want me to smell, far more important than simple sex

                  • It’s nice to be missed. And I think you do want to molest me, I mean smell me. (teasing) 😀

  2. Interesting

    • Yeah, I know… I’ve been mesmerized for hours. It’s some really awesome musical work.

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