I Am Satan

Okay, maybe not. I don’t believe in a satan, but what if this life is a test? What if those ‘spiritual’ people who think this life is a test are right? What if this is a test to see if we get over our superstitions about gods? What if there is some purpose and that purpose is to get beyond superstition and become reasoning and logical thinkers? What if?

  1. Right. What if God’s test is to see if we will act as if he is there without believing in Him.

    • Now that would be a worthy test!

      • If that were the test … I would collect offerings for Him in a self-storage unit!!

        Am I missing the point?

    • There are 100s of possible tests that a trickster god could play, including actually being Satan and just pretending to be the nice guy YHWH

    • J_Agathokles
    • February 28th, 2013

    Wait, you are this guy: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LL6-eZg5ICY/TxQaG6CZ62I/AAAAAAAAAIk/iA02e7RZHSE/s1600/MrSatan_Dragon_ball_02.jpg??? ;D

    • That guy is this guy …


    • Well, that picture was taken some years ago, but … hey, what can I say

  2. That would be the only meaningful test

  3. Interesting post. Who are the spiritual persons to whom you refer that believe this life is a test?

    • Eric, thanks for commenting.
      There are a lot of people who believe or want to believe that life has a purpose, that they have a soul or spirit, and that this life is some kind of test; either to get into heaven, to move to another level, or simply to evolve to some higher existence. Some have a combinatorial view or belief. It’s how they can make sense of existing because simply being here is not enough of an explanation. Many of them are in churches of varying sorts, many are just ‘spiritual’ but not religious, and there are some who simply believe that there is more to it than this life so everything happens for a reason to them. A decent enough reason is that this life is some sort of test. Even Christians believe this life is a test to get into heaven – in a pass or fail kind of way.

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