Why Won’t Tebow Just Go Away?

This comment I made today will probably not get posted… meh

There is a post up at Hip Fellows declaring how Christians like Tebow need to stand up to criticism and declare their bible believing ways. To come out of the closet and be proud delusional citizens. You have to read the post to get the full flavor… blech

My comment was as follows:

Yes, This is awesome because telling everyone in public that you believe in an imaginary friend is the best way to get people to take you seriously.

“I’m a Bible-believing Christian. There, I said it. I’m out of the closet. I’m not bitter. I’m not on a crusade. I just think it’s time to stand up and say enough is enough. I don’t like making people angry. But I can’t live my life to make you happy.”

You can and must live your life within the bounds of the law of the land. For Tebow that is the US Constitution and the contracts which he has signed.

There are three things you cannot prove:
1 – there is a god
2 – even if there is a god, it is the god you believe in
3 – even if your god exists, your holy text accurately reflects that god’s wishes

… even if your god exists, you cannot prove he cares about Tebow or YOU or that such a god approves of your opinion here.

All of your beliefs are make believe without credible evidence or proof that gods can even exist. You might as well stand up and tell the world that you believe in an invisible pink unicorn as a deity and that it sent the Loch Ness monster here as proof. This and your Christian beliefs have exactly the same proof and make exactly the same amount of sense.

It doesn’t really matter if you think enough is enough. Truth needs evidence. Religions do not have any. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and those made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. If you want to be taken seriously, educate yourself. Unfounded beliefs are not truths until proven to be truths with evidence. The claims made by Christians are silly, unfounded, and childish. They promote hate, bigotry, misogyny, divisiveness, delusion and war. They pretend to be answers when all they do is prevent believers from seeking real answers and truth. Christianity is a cult and does not deserve respect whether you have the juevos to stand in front of the MSM and claim your delusions or not.

Yes, this probably makes you angry. If you have all those juevos you wish Tebow had, why don’t you simply consider what I’m saying here and what would be the reasons behind a sensible person stopping to say these things, to criticize your beliefs and state that they do not deserve respect. Why would a sane person do that? What reason or evidence does such a person have that they could not believe as you do? Go on, I dare you to consider these things with an open mind.

  1. Awesome! You know how i respond to things like this: encourage them to make fools of themselves…. the more public the display the better.

    • Well, the post that I responded to was the same as saying they want Tebow to get up and say god hates fags and I’m proud to believe the same thing

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