My Church Is The Internet

There has been some kerfuffle about atheist churches recently in the news. We can worry about whether this is good or not until we are blue in the face. In the end it probably will not matter. I think of it as a transitional thing.

When you consider that churches/mosques/synagogues are traditionally where people go to learn about truth then there is an equivalent for atheists. Some might like to call this science or elitist educational institutions etc. Well, I was wandering around the atheist hub on Youtube when I came across what I am going to consider this weeks guest pastor:



You might not think of it in this way but many of us looked forward to Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins having another debate or one of the more famous atheist youtubers releasing a new video. The trouble is that atheism is not a movement and has no leaders. It is truly crowd sourced.



My church is the Internet. I miss Hitchens but he was there to start what is turning out to be a landslide. It’s turning out to be a good ride. I just want to know I can keep going back to the top and doing it all again. These new youtubers seem to be making that an assured thing.

Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe.

  1. There’s relief in disbelief! Bada bing! Bada boom! Make room! It’s okay! To say nay!

    That’s the obstacle we face isn’t it? How do we turn a mob into thinkers? We are getting there

    • We are indeed getting there, and how we do it is through education. Every atheist video is a possible lesson taught or learned. We just have to get everyone properly ‘churched’ so to speak.

      • Yes, it needs to feel safe and socially acceptable.

        • I think that the pope’s abdication will bump up the volume on the discussion.

          • have you seen any new Sam Harris videos online lately? I’m in withdrawal. Need some new stuff from him.

            • No, no new ones lately, but there are many promising new youtube atheists making videos.

  2. I think Pat Condell is one of my favourite YouTube atheists, I’ve recently purchased his two books containing transcripts of his YouTube videos. You’re right about Hitchens, he was a leading figure in the start of it all and I do miss him too.

    The media, especially the internet is great at getting the message out there, its also good for anyone who wants to contribute even in the more disadvantaged countries on the planet (though for some at their own peril).

    There’s some good news stations out there also, Al-Jazeera seems to be quite unbiased and then there’s RT (Russian Television) which is maybe a little biased but isn’t scared to run religion based news stories that the BBC and Fox may avoid.

    I personally think that people are picking up on the extensive worldwide media today and seeing religion for what it really is, never before has information been so widely available or people of similar dispositions able to network so readily.

    Great post, thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by to comment. I agree with your thoughts on Al-Jazeera and Russian TV and would add US NPR to the list. The growth of content sources and ability to network has changed the world – we simply don’t know the extent of how much yet. Every new revolution will be televised. In all this, Tank Man sits at number one hero spot. Because of information he went against a standing army with tanks while armed with nothing more than the day’s shopping… and changed the world. We live in interesting times my friend.

      • Ah Tank man, I wonder what became of him in reality though? I’ll never forget the image. I think we live in rapidly changing times, for the better? That remains to be seen.

        • I think that in the traditions of Robin Hood and others, the lack of information about TankMan has increased the value of his effort. In China it is likely that he was tortured and died. Wikipedia has no information on his life past that moment. Some would say that Hannibal or Alexander are famous… I say TankMan is, and will remain so. He met his moment of infamy with the days shopping in his hand. I cannot think of anything more offensive or more moving than this scene.

          That the revolution will be televised is a good thing.

          • Ironic you mention Robin Hood, I live on the edge of Sherwood Forest in the UK. The legend of Robin is well known and so are his alleged deeds however the truth is he is most likely a fictional character. Being a local person would I like the legends to be true? Of course but the reality is they are stories, tweaked and embellished through the ages …. a bit like Jesus in the Bible !

            • I’ve been to Sherwood Forest, what’s left of it. The idea of Robin Hood is far more believable than Jesus. It’s not difficult to see how a single human could have inspired those stories. That Jesus character… well, not so much.

              For anyone interested, such places as Sherwood Forest are immensely gratifying places to visit and contemplate life a bit when you are on vacation… or even just wiling away the hours of a long weekend. Speaking of the Internet as my church, there are spots of nature which are imbued with legend and story and serve to inspire within each of us a bit of human majesty. I’ll go ahead and vote Sherwood Forest as one such place.

              Do any of my readers know of other places they particularly find awesome?

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