It is a beautiful thing when you manage to put things succinctly and in such a way that there seems no good argument against it.
Here’s some beauty for you… enjoy.


Based on several interactions I’ve had with christians I’ve reached the conclusion that, for many believers, atheists represent a fundamental problem in christian theology. It all comes down to whether a good God would torture people eternally simply because they didn’t believe that God existed. Of course God technically punishes people for their sins, but if he only saves those who believe then really it’s the same thing as punishing someone for not believing. While some have managed to make excuses for God in this regard, most recognize that it would be wrong to punish someone for genuine disbelief only. But God wouldn’t do something immoral, so believers must find some way to justify God’s salvation policy.

If a christian does confront this problem head on, he or she can really only come to two conclusions that fit with their existing beliefs. Firstly they could try to get over their moral instincts and tell…

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  1. That is high praise, you’ve made my day!

    • I think you said that really well. When Christopher Hitchens died I had wondered what would happen, if others could or would fill his shoes. While no one has stepped up per se to challenge big name apologists in that same eloquent bulldozer fashion, the world is not lacking in eloquent thinkers who want to share how they see the world and the problems of religion. I appreciate you.

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