Dismantling The Obscene – Part 2

This is part 2 of a blog post about 15 Questions Atheists Are Sick Of Answering

Part one is here so continuing on with more of the 15 questions

4) If god did not make the universe, who did?

I think regular readers will know how much I love questions like this. The premise of the question is that someone made the universe. This demonstrates either an overwhelming ignorance of science and science news or a wilfully misleading question. I think that more often than not it is the former. Just as I don’t keep up with what Justin Beiber does, I suppose that many theists are not overly anxious to keep up with what science does. In some ways that can be understandable considering how western society has commoditized time. However there is this old adage: ignorance is no excuse for violation of the law. This basically means that you are responsible for ensuring that  you obey the laws. I didn’t know is not an excuse. Presumably theists in western societies are okay with this principle when it comes to the law. When it comes to science it appears that they want a get out of jail free card.

The simple fact is that cosmology has come to the point where there is no need for a god to explain why the universe looks the way that it does. See Krauss and Hawking. We know more now about how the universe works than we have ever known. Theists continue to offer the bronze age answer to the question. New knowledge is not the forte of religion. It took over 400 years to apologize to Galileo as an example of the speed with which the monotheistic religions of the world work. None of them seem ready to accept Mr Darwin’s ideas yet…. though, if you look the RCC has given a hat tip to him.

The question remains. Who did create the universe? Well, that’s a damnably good question. The evidence seems to point to no entity in particular. In fact it looks rather much like an accident. Kind of like leaving a box of fireworks out in the hot desert sun. Oooops. The very idea that the universe requires a creator is absurd. We don’t require a creator for a pebble of sand on a beach, but theists want to assert that the universe must have a creator. There is no evidence to suggest that there must be one. The watch on the beach argument has been refuted time and time again. Theists refuse to accept new science and so cling to old ideas and old information. There need not be a creator for the universe to look like this. Asserting that there must be is just ignorance and misplaced god of the gaps thinking. That is to say that what the theist can not explain is said to be the work of a god. The problem here is one of education. When the theist knows as much as I about cosmology they will stop asserting that ‘someone’ created the universe as it is. All of that translates to this: Many theists are to effing stupid to ask a cogent question so we need to educate them and spend more time getting them to understand actual science facts. Wow, that sounds pretty elitist. Well, get over it. It was not elitist at all. Sometimes the truth hurts. You see, I’m not a cosmologist or biologist or even professional scientist… I’m an ordinary person who is learning. I study the tests and papers and learn. Every theist is capable of this too. Their ignorance is NOT forgivable.

Ooooh, that was so confrontational. I’ll back it up if I need to.

5) Do you think murder is wrong?

I’m going to call bullshit on this one. It’s not defined well. Lets explore some definitions that are probably not being used by religious people, shall we?

  • If abortion is murder, then I like to eat freshly murdered babies. Sometimes 2 or 3 each day. They’re especially good for breakfast. The chickens don’t seem to mind.
  • If I shot a man in the head and killed him, that would be bad. Unless he was holding a gun to another man’s head, then it would be okay. Unless he was a police officer acting in the middle of a bank robbery, then it would be bad. Unless he was the bank robber dressed as a cop, then it would be okay.

Morality is ALWAYS subjective and relative. If  you can’t ask the question with enough definition I cannot answer the question. Sometimes murder is wrong. Sometimes it is not. What you do during war is not judged the same way as it is during peacetime. This is a really poorly framed question and I posit that it is done this way to be a leading question rather than one asked in search of knowledge or understanding.

I almost forgot this part. If you want to know if murder is wrong, why don’t you ask a Canaanite? Oh, that’s right, there aren’t any. God had them murdered in a genocidal fit, Genghis Khan style. That Joshua guy, an astute follower of YHWH exterminated the Canaanites. Why not ask him if murder is wrong?

6) How can an atheist have morals?

All morality is subjective and relative. There is no single source for morality. The questioner here probably believes that slavery is wrong but the god of Abraham is quite okay with that, as is the Jesus character. Modern Christians choose to select their own morality instead of that given to them in their holy text. In the very way that they set a moral standard by not killing people who work on Sunday atheists set their own moral standards. When christian groups do not adhere strictly to the moral codes of their holy text they are setting their own morals and in fact creating a new sect of their religion. To then ask how atheists can have morals implies that all morality comes from their deity yet they are unable and unwilling to comply with the very morals given to them by that deity. That makes this one of the effing dumbest questions they could possibly ask.

The short answer: in the very same way that theists have morals. The problem is that theists don’t get their morals directly from their god, they just think they do and they are wrong.

7) Isn’t it better to believe in god and be wrong than not believe in god …..

This question is a poorly stated version of Pascal’s wager. This has been dismantled thousands of times and the dismantling takes more space than I want to dedicate here so I’m going to link a few external sources. Believing in god is not a safe bet. There are lots of people that believe in a god and they are actively working to oppress other people. If it turns out there is no god, then these people were bad people for no reason. They were morally wrong on the basis of a bet. Sorry gay and black people, we were just hedging our bets, don’t take it personal… okay? Yeah, that whole slavery deal… it’s just a silly  mistake, sorry about that.

That’s it for today… thanks for reading

  1. Nicely done!

    • Thanks john! Only 8 more ‘questions’ to go

      • You’re a more patient man than me, and for that I applaud you. This type of organised rebuttal thing drives me fucking nuts 😦

        • It drives everyone nuts. I just think that these things need more effort than a sound bite like it started out as. It seems to me that it trivializes the question and how important it is to know the truth.

  2. 400 years to apologize to Galileo. Do you think he really gave a flying F***?
    I wonder if the Pope stood over his tomb and mumbled the apology?

    Good post.

    • The way things are going, there won’t be a church by the time that the Federation is formed and the Enterprise ready to visit the stars. The only real apology the church can make to all the abused people is to close the doors, auction the goods off and give the money in reparation and to charity. Fingers crossed 😉

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  2. February 17th, 2013

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